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What have been the key success factors for Nike?

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    Nike one the top listed shoe company in the current world begun their business in 1962. The company focused on high-quality running shoes designed especially for the athletes. They have been able to establish a huge customer market all over the world through their quality products and strong marketing concepts. The key factor for Nike was that they have been able to create strong brand preferences among the customers. Nike created their brand image into consumers mind by using celebrity.

    The company’s commitments to designing innovative footwear for serious athletes help it build a cult following among American consumers. They run their marketing by using top athletes in their advertisement all over America and found that it put a huge influence to the consumer mind. Nike found that product and brand choices of consumers are hugely influenced by the preferences and behavior of their beloved celebrities. So the company signed an upcoming popular runner named Steve Prefontaine for their advertisement in 1973 and Prefontaine’s irreverent attitude matched Nike’s spirit.

    At the end the thought of using professional athletes in their advertising campaign proved both efficient and effective. Another important reason for Nike’s success was that they read the consumers mind perfectly. Nike does not sell “Nike air max” shoes, it sold a way of life, which is key to its success. This flag is the incentive for the people, and the philosophy behind the energy and determination, is that everyone concerned, whether you are not athletes. Nike uses a motivational type of language to inspire consumers.

    No matter who you are, your hair or skin color is what you suffered physical or social life, what limitations, Nike convince consumers that you can do this. It tells people to pick themselves up, seize the steering wheel of life and action. In the “Just Do it” behind an ad is a very American-style ideology; However, with the progress of globalization, the original ideology of what the United States, become a common desire around the world, eager to there is a level playing field, allowing people not only in sports but in every aspect of life, both short and long of a dispute.

    This can be traced back to the early American pioneer spirit, and their desire for success. Nike is undoubtedly the great American dream of global marketing and to promote their work ethic; Nike tells its customers, if you are determined to struggle hard, you will excel, to conquer all. Borrowed by such methods, namely the use of people eager for success, Nike has created its own kind of personality and attitude. Where is Nike vulnerable? What should it watch out for?

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