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What is Baby Blues?

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What is it? Baby Blues is quite common and is experienced after giving birth to a child. It can be felt by mothers, soon to be mothers and even fathers. Although a new child is a happy and exciting time it is also a time with a large amount of change and this can be very stressful. It is very common for his to be experienced within the first ten days after giving birth. While it is not always very sever it can turn into postnatal depression which can be very serious.

What causes it? Baby Blues are generally caused from the sudden change in lifestyle, not having control and sleepless nights; scientifically it is thought to be “… rastic hormonal changes experienced after giving birth can lead to this condition. Production of estrogen, progesterone and endorphins drop drastically, causing the body to go into a withdrawal. Some studies suggest that thyroid dysfunction can also impact this condition. Additionally, sleep deprivation due to the infant’s sleeping patterns may exacerbate symptoms.

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What is Baby Blues?
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” (wiseGEEK, 2003) Symptoms: The symptoms are mainly feeling sad and sometimes not knowing why you are feeling sad. Treatment:

Often Baby Blues will only last a few days and will not require help other than that of family and friends. Some people require medical treatment if it develops to a bigger state of depression. It is also recommended that they seek professional help from a psychologist and have therapy to get past this stage of depression. If it advances to the sever point of Postnatal Depression that is when it requires more and you may need to have therapy and/or medication. Statistics: -It’s likely to be somewhere between five and eight mums out of every 10 (CKS 2009, DA 2003). Two out of every three new mothers will suffer from the baby blues (Halliday, C 2008) -Baby blues is a condition experienced by 75-80% of new mothers (wiseGEEK, 2003) -Some 50-80% of women have such an experience (Black Dog Institute, 2008) Bibliography: Baby Blues, 2008, viewed 4 May 2012, Halliday, C 2008, Third Day Baby Blues, viewed 4 May 2012, Perinatal & Postnatal Depression Support, 2011, viewed 4 May 2012, What are the Baby Blues? , 2003, viewed 4 May 2012, < http://www. wisegeek. com/what-are-the-baby-blues. htm>

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