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What is Cultural Appropriation

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  • Pages 2
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    With majority of today’s society being relatively acquainted with social media, it allows for more social topics to spark attention nearly all around the world. Recently, cultures have been “awoken” again to actions that have become “normal” in a sense. These actions which have been under harsh scrutiny display social issues that certain ethnicities have been facing. Specifically those of color and especially women of the culture. One’s culture is important and respecting it is even more important. It is necessary to realize culture is not a costume it’s who a person is.

    Poking fun at a stereotype can be admittedly humorous at times. We laugh at the memes and giggle worthy photos that we have known cultures to be famous for. I admit to laughing at social media posts about black parents waking their children up with old school music to signify weekend cleaning, Hispanic mothers using their sandal when frustrated or even . But, there are moments where post go from “funny” to simply “fucked up” allowing these topics to no longer go unnoticed. Black women are constantly ridiculed for being “loud”, “crazy”, and “angry” yet when talking about someone of fairer skin it’s drooled over, acceptable and labeled as a future wife. Being adored for something that simply even sniffed on a woman of a darker skin tone would be labeled as “ghetto”.

    Unlike cultural exchange where there’s a mutual interchange between cultures “The term cultural appropriation is typically used to describe cultural borrowing that is in some way inappropriate, unauthorized, or undesirable.” (Arewa 26). Distinguishing the difference between two can often be difficult. Context and interpretation play crucial roles in determining which category a person’s action falls under.

    The issue of cultural appropriation lies when someone adopts a culture that is not there own. The Kardashian’s are infamous for taking bits and pieces of the African American culture turning it into a fashion statement or even adding it to their body. African Americans are not the only ones who can have fuller lips, bigger butts and darker skin but, being we are known for these certain physical characteristics it is very much offensive when it’s taking on by someone “foreign” to the culture and “oh and awed” at. For instance, numerous black little girls grow up being made fun of for their hair texture as well as styles, big lips and skin tone. Now, look at today’s society

    Today, you can find almost every young girl at a gathering with friends twerking, shaking her body and moving the exact same way as African tribes could be found performing.

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