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Romeo and Juliet appropriation

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An appropriation is a text that is appropriated or remade by a composer and presented in a new way. Appropriation is defined as the means to change a text for a particular purpose or for a type of people. It is about taking the essence of a text and changing it for another use. The two texts that will be analyzing are Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet and Bag Learner’s Romeo and Juliet 1996 film adaptation. In the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare explores the themes of conflict and rebellion and their tragic consequences.

Tryingly believe that Bag Learner’s 1996 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is the period text as it conveys the same themes, however adapts them through the medium of film which is more enjoyable than a play for a modern audience and he has done this in order to convey a version of Romeo and Juliet which is relatable to a contemporary audience. He has utilized various film techniques such as setting which I will explore further in relation to the themes.

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Romeo and Juliet appropriation
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Bag Loran’s film, “Romeo and Juliet D is a highly successful appropriation of Shakespearean classic because it reflects the attitudes of its modern context. Furthermore, the modern appropriation maintains the ingenious Shakespearean language and the sense of tragedy that defines “Romeo and Juliet. CLC Loran’s popular culture film is an innovative approach that brings greater suspense, emotion and reality to the Elizabethan classic and makes it accessible and engaging to today’s cinema goers.

The film examines several contemporary social issues non existent in “Romeo and Gullet’s D original context. However, Loran’s film conveys the values embodied in the play and the impossible love, hate and sorrow that are the essence Of Shakespearean tragedy. Bag Loran’s “Romeo and Juliet 0 is set in a modern city; a striking contrast o the Elizabethan England of William Shakespeare. Consequently, the attitudes embodied in the film differ from those conveyed in the play.

As contemporary attitudes to filial duty, religion and violence have greatly changed from those of sixteenth century England, so does the film’s portrayal of them. In Bag Alarming;s production, the acting is extremely stylized and the actors appear as caricatures. The exception is Romeo and Juliet. The two young and beautiful actors that play the roles of Romeo and Juliet do so very sincerely. They appear as genuine, passionate lovers in a world of violence and hatred without reason. Romeo and Juliet seem alive. Their love seems real.

Lord Caplet is characterized as being highly abusive and unreasonable. When Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Lord Caplet strikes her and denies her any choice in the matter and Lady Caplet offers no support to her daughter. The harsh portrayal of Gullet’s parents in the film leads the audience to sympathize entirely with Romeo and Juliet. In contrast, in Shakespearean “Romeo and Juliet a, the opposite the case and Romeo and Juliet would have been seen as very disobedient to their parents. Through this stylized acting the film assumes modern attitudes to filial duty.

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