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What Is Involved In Becoming A Web Developer

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    A growing industry, Computers has been on the rise for the past 10 years, web development is apart of that.Web developers create websites that are used on the World Wide Web, also known as the internet. If someone know how to read and do basic math, they can learn to develop a website. Website developers do not need any specific education to become a website developer. Even though someone don’t need a education to become a web developer, it still pays well. Web developer pay varies, they can be paid by the hour, or they can be paid by a company salary. In Louisiana, Web development salaries range from $30,000 to $88,000 a year. Most web developers prefer to get paid by the hour to be able to work on different projects in the long run. This may occur because the web developer can choose his own hours when he works. Web developers are not told when to work from a specific time slot.

    They will just need to meet deadlines for their new websites. As working on the same project for years can be dull for most people. To build a website from scratch, you need to learn a programming language. The top programming know at least three languages. The most popular one, being JavaScript, is the most widely used programming language in the world. Along with that one, is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It is possible to just build one from a website maker, (WordPress, WiX, Weebly, etc.) but that is not creating one by yourself. Using a website maker is not website development. That is clicking options that someone else has already created. Good websites that are made should be fast, aestically pleasing, and easy to use.

    The part of the website that is seen on the web page itself is called the “front-end”. While the Parts of the website that you do not see involving the name and where and how the information is processed is called the “back-end” .Web developers also need to understand what type of server is needed to run the website. What is the website for? How many people are going to be using it? How much storage will be used on the website? These are key leading factors in decided what type of server will be used on the back-end (server and connectivity for the website). HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the most basic form of computer programming. This is typically the first computer language that programmers learn for easy learning and formatting. Every website in the World Wide Web uses HTML for being a fundamental part of programming.

    Think of HTML as the backbone of all programming, without it there would be nothing. Websites have a basic skeleton with three basic elements: , , and . All elements that use < > in your code must have a closing bracket that looks like this < />. You have different options for headings in HTML. There are six different example headings that can be used. Heading 1 is the biggest going to Heading 6 which is the smallest. To create the heading you would use or .To create a link on a webpage the element is typed as . After you paste the link and close it with a. These links can be used for multiple purposes, they can be used for directing you to another part of your website, or it can be used to direct you to an entire new website. The way to insert pictures into a HTML file is to use the element. This, using a file from a computer such as a .jpg or .png file, the browser goes into a computer’s files and takes the image, and uploads it onto the webpage.

    When you put these files onto a webpage, it saves it into another file for easy access to edit the webpage. The last element of HTML is . This element is used for starting a new paragraph in the webpage. These work together to describe basic structure. Web developers use this on a daily basis and is essential to their work. Without this language, there would be no webpages and no internet. Although this is the most basic language, it is definitely the most limited. You can only type words, insert pictures and links, and edit the spacing of the page. This is where other programming languages come into play. The next language web developers need to learn is CSS (Cascade Style Sheets). This language is mainly used for showing how the information or content should look on the page. In the web designing world this is known as the presentation.

    This language is important because it makes the website give it its own look and makes it stand out compared to others. Comparing a website that only uses HTML to a website using both HTML & CSS will lead to more appealing looks while using both language. CSS mainly used for font editing, colors, background images, line spacing, page layout, etc. The text is edited is modifiers, these modifiers are split up into three categories. The first modifier is used for the weight of the text which shows how bold a character is. The second modifier is used for the style, which changes the fonts curves of a character. The third modifier is stretch, which shows how wide a character goes. CSS is essential to web design and it allows creativity for the designer. The final and last programming language that important for website design is JavaScript.

    JavaScript is used in every kind of programming imaginable, so it is also used in web design. With Javascript, you can create millions of things for a website, graphics, tables, scripts, and even protocols. Creating the back-end for a website is also possible. Since most devices are made using JavaScript, devices are able to process information in JavaScript a lot faster. JavaScript is used in the majority of modern websites and all browsers. One study found that a staggering amount of 95% of websites use JavaScript. Programming languages evolve and new ones are created everyday. Even though JavaScript was made in May 1995, it is still used heavily today in web design. JavaScript continues to evolve with more and more time. With more information, people develop faster ways to code new information. Even though JavaScript is the most complex and difficult to learn out of the three, it simplifies the process of creating the website with more complex and creatives ideas. JavaScript is extremely important to web development and will be a key leading factor years to come.

    Web design is not about everything looking aesthetically pleasing. It needs to flow like a river. One should be able to scan a page and be able to find everything you need quickly. On a website, everything should be clear and concise with easy access. Web designers have spent a lot of time over the years debating how many times you should click on a website to get toa destination. Studies have shown it should be six or less. Making your website conventional is key to success. You want to use things that are almost a universal language. For example, a stop sign, the words stop could be in a different language. The brain understands that a red octagon with words in it means stop. This makes the experience for the user better overall. Having to look for something on a website that takes forever can be frustrating. Making a website more conventional leads to more hits, which leads to more ad revenue and making a better salary.

    Making the website organized is a easy way to make a website conventional. Organized websites look better than a website that has everything scrambled together. Breaking up pages into specific area is a good way to make it look organized and conventional. Using as many headings as possible to separate parts of the webpage makes it easier for the user. More heading makes for more scannable information. If someone just wanted to know a small part of the information on the webpage, they can just look at the headings to find what they needed quickly. A study found if a webpage requires a task 90% of users will not read the instructions. Even if it tells the user exactly what to do, the user will most likely not read the instructions until multiple mistakes have been by the user. Since most users will not be reading the instructions, a website being conventional is essential.

    Not all web developers are creative enough to create good looking websites. Some are specialized in the “back-end” of website. This is what is used for the website which is not seen. This includes items such a server, domain name, hosting, bandwidth, client design. A server, is another computer whose job is to run all of the webpage. Domain name is the name of the website, they will enter the domain name in the URL at the top of the browser. Bandwidth refers to the amount of storage of the website can hold. Think of these as metaphorical pipes that hold the information of the website. The bigger the pipe the more bandwidth you can hold. These pipes are measured in megabytes and gigabytes or even terabytes. The client refers to the design of the website itself. With this, web pages are needed request are sent to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP is who gives users a connection to a website and server.

    Do not think of client design as a picture or something that looks nice. Think of it as wiring a house. Being very fast and a lot of bandwidth is what makes a nice client design. Hosting refers to the storage to the website files on an internet connected server. You need to go through a hosting company to obtain that storage such has or A web server can be either hardware or software, sometimes they work together in the same task. A hardware server stores a web pages files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes, and pictures) This is also known as the browser. The software side of a server is how the user gets the information. The software access’ the HTTP server, which is a software that sends out domains. In layman’s terms, the hardware will request information. In layman’s terms, the browser needs a code or file which is hosted by the server.

    The browser sends information to the web server saying it needs certain information onto the page. Then the server sends the information back to the browser and shows it onto the web page. If you wrote the code on your computer you could run all of this information off of your own computer. The computer would have to run at the same time, while being connected to the internet at all times. It is better to run it from a hosting provider which will keep the web page up and running at all times. Another advantage of not using your computer is it can hold more information and bandwidth. These computers are designed to be servers so it processes this type of information faster. With having a specific server run a website, there are a lot of options on selecting a host server for the website.

    There are multiple types of web-hosting, One being shared hosting. Shared hosting is when a bunch of websites use the same server to host the website. Although the cheapest option, the owner of the server charges for a profit. This type of hosting is good for first time website makers. With this type of hosting, the user does not have any control over the server. With control of the server you have the option of how much bandwidth goes to the website. When you do not have any control of the server , the person that owns the server is needed for the users website. The host manages the server, installs drivers (software updates), security factors and support if the server goes down. Most user prefer to have complete control over their own server. The next type of hosting is VPS hosting. VPS means Virtual Private server. Even though it calls it self private, it is not. A VPS is the same as shared hosting, just with less website the host needs to maintain.

    Although more expensive, a VPS does not manage too many websites and it is easier for technical support, contains faster speeds and more bandwidth. Cloud Hosting is the most recent form of web hosting. Even though cloud hosting is made on a computer, this is the best options just trying to share with smartphones. Cloud Hosting is a bunch of devices connected to one virtual server. This is great type of hosting if you need to share small information with groups of people such as a group of friends or family. Being able to connect different types of devices together that are not just computers makes everyone able to contribute to the files.

    The Last type of hosting is dedicated hosting. This type of hosting has ton of custability options. You can choose the amount of bandwidth, how many people can fit on the server, or even sell parts of your server for shared hosting. This type of hosting is typically for bigger companies or websites and can cost a fortune. The price of dedicated hosting ranges from $60 a month all the way up to $350 a month. The difference is pricing options is what the server provides. Some servers are not well managed and have terrible security and contain virus. A big variable to cost is where the server is located. A server in New York, New York will cost more than a server than in Slidell, Louisiana. Servers in more popularized area are typically of higher quality then a less developed area. It is best to purchase a host from a dependable source. With the growth of web development, web developers will be in demand for years to come. Web developers do not need a special education to become hired so it is a good path for people who do not want to receive a higher level education.

    Beginning webdelopers will need to learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This part of the website is known as the “front-end”. Web developers need to be very creative or great problem solvers. Each can take their own path into a lane of web development that they can succeed in. Web developers will need to understand ease of access and how to be conventional within their own respective websites. Web sites also contain a “back-ends” which runs everything involving the website that you do not see. The back-end involves the server, domain name, bandwidth, and the client design. The back-end also contains different types of web hosting. Each type of web hosting has its pros and cons for using each one. Some web hosting benefits companies, other benefit sharing between families. It just depends on what is needed. When everything is placed correctly, each component of website is essential for development. As the computer industry continues to grow, web development always be contributing to the industry.

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