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Where The Spirit Lives

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This story is about two aboriginal kids, Amelia and Peta, sister and brother, girl and boy, who get kidnapped under the laws of the Canadian government, who chi is completely legal, and were taken to a Residential school to be educated to be implosions. They were forced into giving up their whole culture and everything g in it, but later on Kombi happens to find a friend which happens to be A teacher who o became her mentor. Later on in this Story Kombi eventually escapes from the school an tries to find her way back to her family.

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Where The Spirit Lives
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In the residential schools there was a lot of baa d things that had happened to the children. They were physically, mentally and sexually abused. In the start of the whole story of the children were kidnapped from their fame lay and home. Then they got shipped off to different residential schools sometimes s operating brothers and sisters. Kombi and Pita were lucky that they got sent to the same, but they were still separated.

This beginning of itself was a mental abuse.

The children had no idea what was going on and they were terrified, not to mention the separation g of brothers and sisters. It would be horrible enough to get separated from your home but to separate you from your only connection left with family is awful. Its horrible and terrifying for physical abuse to happen to anybody, at any age boy or girl but the fact that this happened to children makes it much more ho riffing.

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