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Who Am I Assignment

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  • Pages 4
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    What is like to be a human being?

    Life is a series of questions, for which each of us has to look answers for. We encounter them every day. We are asked by our friends, strangers, and we put them to ourselves.

    Who are you? That is the question for which you can give a very different answer. What is your nationality? What is your profession? Who are you on religious beliefs? The answers to these questions can be complicated for someone, for someone obvious, someone will be stumped. Answers can change over time, can appear if a person has made a choice that was previously too difficult for him. A person can safely say who he/she  is or hide it from others.

    The answer to any question is a small choice. (Here is who am I essay example for college students)But the most important questions are those, that we ask ourselves. We can not answer them, and we can answer honestly or try to disrupt, we can talk about them to relatives, or hide it deep inside ourselves. But after we asked ourselves this or that question, we always try to find an answer to it, even if we do not notice it by ourselves.

    Being a real person is a proud title for each of us. But not everyone is worthy of this high title. Human is a social being, that can’t exist without society. And it is important to remain a person in any circumstances and in any environment.

    The character of each of us is formed from early childhood. It is parents, who become an example of behavior in society for their children. They learn what”good” is and what is “bad.” Ability to sympathize and humanity will always be appreciated in a civilized society.

    Unfortunately, sometimes a child grows up and becomes a cruel person. But there is more good, than bad people in the world. Good always prevails.

    An example of who am I assignment

    Who am I? I am a very good combination of laziness and perseverance, strength and desperation, hope and disappointment, enthusiasm and pragmatism.

    I am a human with healthy, but constrained ambitions. I am dishonorably punctual and disrespectful to those, who make me wait. I value my time only when others take it away. Otherwise, I’m ready to spend hours observing the clouds.

    I am a traveler and a dreamer only within my thoughts. I adore music. Singing in a choir is my hobby.I’m rather goal-oriented than single-minded, so I’m swimming to my goals on the board from surfing, and not on a reliable liner with the risk of being broken by a coming storm.

    I’m searching every minute. This feeling does not leave me even at night, so today I can write a dissertation, and tomorrow I will decide to have a dog or to embroider a picture with a cross.I am mercenary and mercantile. I treasure every penny, but not for a good dinner or supper.

    Excellent food is my satisfaction. I am a fighter for justice, so I do not like every second acquaintance, but not for good – charity drives me depressed. I’m not always honest with others and even with myself, but I can achieve the truth for myself at any cost. I’m allergic to lies.

    I perfectly feel the surrounding people and easily adapt to people and circumstances for their own benefit. I’m hypocritical, unfortunately.I identify myself with principles, which are a little in principle: oatmeal porridge in the morning, cottage cheese in the evening; not very expensive clothes; if the rep, then only from the distant 2007; Do not let the system win you.I am a human.

    I was created by nature with arms, legs, and head. I grow with other people. I go to kindergarten, then to school, after that to university and work. Reflections on life do not occupy me.

    My imagination is occupied by the heroes of my favorite books and movies. They are all positive – bold, proud, courageous and invincible. I want to be like them.I am part of this huge, complex world.

    I can be a lawyer or a doctor, bold or scared, athlete or scientist, but I always remain a person. I can be a human, who does not care about the fate of others, or a person, who wants to make the right decisions, but does not always cope with the task; a human, who helps those who need it. I want to give people warmth, and try not to hurt them. It seems to me that each of us should be the cause of someone else’s happiness.

    And someday, I want to say boldly that I’m a human, who has made the world a little better, and people happier. Would you like me? Now you know a lot of information about me, so decide for yourself.;

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