Who You are and Why?

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I have always identified with the Republican party. I was raised within a family of Republicans’, so I always just went with it. My results from the online quiz said otherwise. They said I was a Libertarian. I have never taken the time out of my day to research what the Liberals stand for but after taking that quiz I did so, and I think maybe I do agree with my results. Of course, there are certain issues within each party that I tend to agree and disagree with, but I guess my overall standing is Liberal.

Liberals think that everyone should have individual freedom, which means they think the government should interfere as little as possible and just let everyone do what they want. I do agree with that to an extent. I think most people have a good head on their shoulders and can dictate what is right and wrong and can abide by that but that is not the case for everyone though. I do think some rules and guidelines should be put in place. Especially when it comes to weapons, drugs and alcohol.

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Liberals also believe that drugs should be legalized, and that possession should be a victimless crime unless someone is hurt or injured in the process. I do agree with medical marijuana as well as recreational, but I don’t think drugs should be a victimless crime. The states that have legalized it have laws in place that if you have over a certain amount of THC on you it is considered a crime, and I agree with that law and think it should stay in place. I do not agree with how messed our system is and how someone who is in possession of marijuana can do more time in prison than someone who has committed a violent crime or even murder.

A topic that is not often discussed between family and friends is abortion. After doing some research on the Liberals stance on it, I’m not one hundred percent sure if I do or don’t agree with them. They believe in “pro-choice”. I, myself, am very undecided on the topic. I have always been “pro-life” and have not thought twice about it, until now. I do not agree with abortions for people who are careless and choose not to use protection. I understand protection is not one hundred percent effective but that is why more than one form of protection can be used at one time. Such as using a condom as well as being a woman being on birth control. In cases of rape and a women’s life being on the line because of giving birth, I feel like in those situations abortion is acceptable. I am all for giving the baby up for adoption, giving the baby a good life with a family who wants one but cannot have one, but I also know the reality of people being able to adopt. It is a very difficult task. They must take all sorts of classes, home studies as well as dish out a lot of money. That is not always practical, hence why people go overseas and adopt. So, I am understanding as to how some situations may be difficult. I imagine a woman who has been raped and is now carrying that man’s child, would not want to meet that child much less raise it. Plus, she might not be able to finically support the child. And if a doctor has told a woman that it is either her child’s life or her own, I can see why should would not want to risk her life by giving birth. As you can see, I am sort of on the fence about abortion. I’m not one hundred percent sure as to where I fall on the spectrum, but I do know I do not support teenagers, young adults or even grown adults being careless and using abortion as just a way out for their careless actions. I do not think the government or the tax payer’s dollars should go towards Planned Parenthood. If an abortion is what a doctor recommends, then it should be covered under insurance. Somehow, someway. And the same for a rape victim.

I have friends and family who have different political views than me. Some are Republicans others are Democrats. My previous bosses were diehard Democrats. I never ever spoke politics in front of them. Anytime they would bring up politics I would just smile and nod politely. Politics are such a sore subject for some people. They like to think their point of view is right and everyone else’s is wrong. They are very closed-minded individuals who do not want to hear what you have to say or will just argue any valid point that you make. I, personally, do not like to discuss politics with anyone. It is just such a touchy subject and I do not identify with a specific political party and I do not know enough about each political party to be able to argue one point or another, so I just prefer to stray from the topic of politics.

If I ever had to run for an office position, I think I would run for judge. I do not think it would be an easy career path, but it might be easier than being an Congressman, Governor or the President. With being a judge, I would have a lot to learn. I would need to know all the laws, rules and regulations. Being able to decide what the consequences of someone’s actions should be, would be difficult. Things are not as simple and easy as black and white. I feel like there is a lot of grey matter, especially when it comes to the laws in place. For instance, if a man rapes a young girl and gets off with an easy sentence and the dad of the little girl takes matters into his own hands and injures or murders that man because he felt as if his sentence was not good enough, should the dad have a life sentence in prison or face execution for what he’s done? Maybe the dad has never been in any trouble in his life and hasn’t even had a traffic ticket, he’s an outstanding citizen. In a situation like that, I feel as if it would be hard to punish the dad for life whenever he was just trying to protect his daughter and other girls/women from that man. But you would have to follow the rules as to what his punishment should be. My opinion, the justice system, as well as CPS, are both very screwed up. I have watched many shows that involve our justice system; Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20 20, I Am a Killer, as well as others and I do not always agree with the outcome. Sometimes I feel like the system is very unjust. Some people to max time for such a small petty crime, while others barely do any time whenever their crime should’ve required more time. I know that doesn’t all fall just on the judges, that also falls on the jury as well, but I think more should be done. Rules, regulations and laws should be reevaluated and everyone should enforce the same punishments on the same crimes throughout.

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