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Short Story and Technique Foreshadowing

Short Story

Words: 496 (2 pages)

Foreshadowing is a technique used by some authors to give a subtle hint of something that will happen at the end of the story. Good authors give the readers some clues about what the end of the story will be about. This can be done because of many reasons; to make the reader feel more…

Jack And the Beanstalk summary + comment

Short Story

Words: 568 (3 pages)

Jack and the Beanstalk Summary Summary: Jack and the beanstalk is the story of a young, poor boy living with his poor mother in a tiny little house. Their only means of small income is a cow. One morning, the cow stops giving milk, and Jack is therefore sent off to the market to sell…

The Short Story “Saboteur”

Short Story

Words: 812 (4 pages)

“Saboteur”, written by Ha Jin exposes a social problem of China: the consequence of Culture Revolution on people’s life. How the faithful educated scholar becomes a merciless assassin. Who is the real Saboteur, Mr. Chiu or policeman? Through the author’s skillful description, we are able to understand the theme of the story is revenge. And…

Short Story Comparative: “The Wedding Gift” and “The Company of Wolves”

Short Story


Words: 334 (2 pages)

From the beginning of time, the role given to men has always been the breadwinner and the women as the housekeeper. These stereotypes have been broken as more women are entering the work force due frustration with their limitations in society. Women are happier being less dependent on men and more reliant on themselves, opposite…

Characteristics of a Short Story

Short Story

Words: 488 (2 pages)

A short story can be a success or a failure in such a short span due to its defined characteristics. Not necessarily evident in all short stories, these characteristics include: a compressed plot, intensive use of details, and an emphasis on a single character (Kanne, 6). These building blocks help create a world in which…

Summary of Chitra Fernando’s Short Story Missilin

Short Story

Words: 1466 (6 pages)

PremadasaMissilin By Chitra Fernando Theme of exploitation Chitra Fernando’s short story, “Missilin” presents the story of a woman who is continuously exploited by a series of characters. 1. First of all, the astrologer claims that if she stays in the village, she will face a lot of problems, “‘Apoi! Her head is like the Fort railway station. She may even go mad! Or else a serious illness will result from a chest affliction. ’ He advised the wearing of a gold talisman, the recital of benedictory stanzas, and a…

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” Detective Short Story

Short Story

Words: 590 (3 pages)

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Purloined Letter is widely considered the greatest of his three detective short stories. The story revolves around C. Auguste Dupin, a detective who also appears in Poe’s other two detective works The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Mystery of Marie Roget, and the Paris police as they try to…

Short Story “Two Kinds”

Short Story

Words: 284 (2 pages)

short story “Two Kinds,” Amy Tan explores the clash of cultures between a first-generation Chinese-American daughter, Jing-mei, and her mother, Suyan, a Chinese immigrant. Suyan is certain that Jing-mei can become a prodigy if she only tries hard enough. At first Jing-mei is eager to try, but she always falls short of her mother’s expectations….

On Being 17, Bright, and Unable to Read Sample

Short Story


Words: 647 (3 pages)

The article is called “On Being 17. Bright. and Unable to Read” by David Raymond. This writer tells his dyslexia experience how he felt through high school and tells people take easy to people who had dyslexia. One clip a replacement picked Raymond to read aloud from the text edition forepart of the schoolmate. but…

To Build a Fire Creative Writing Assignment

Short Story

To Build a Fire

Words: 764 (4 pages)

This is a creative writing assignment that replaced the ending of “To Build a Fire” by Jack London from around the point when the fire went out. By cracker Since the fire went out he would seek shelter in the forest or any other suitable location. An hour later, he came upon a cave and…

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Everything you need to know to write a perfect Essay on Short Story

What is a Short Story?

Let’s discuss about what a short tale is now that you know why you should be writing them. This may sound self-evident, yet it’s a question I’m frequently asked. Isn’t it true that a short story is just that? In essence, yes. But how brief is brief?

You can receive a variety of replies when you Google how long a short narrative is. There are numerous editors running a variety of anthologies, magazines, ezines, podcasts, and other publications. Because they all have slightly different demands when it comes to creating material on their platform and meeting the expectations of their audiences, they all have slightly different definitions of what a short tale is.

How to Write a Short Story: The Short Version

1. Write the story in one sitting

Short stories are designed to be read in one sitting, so it’s only natural that you should write them in one sitting as well.

Obviously, if you’re writing a ten-thousand-word novel, it’ll take more than one sitting, but a 2,500-word short story may be written in one sitting. This may sound frightening at first, but your enthusiasm will propel you to the finish line, and your story will flow better as a result.

During this stage, you’re not looking for award-winning writing. You want to get the main plot out of your thoughts and into paper.

Forget about the rules of grammar. Don’t bother with great prose. Forget about making any sense at all.

2. Take a break

Don’t start editing your story right away. You need to take a step back once you’ve published anything, including books. You must switch from “writer mode” to “reader mode” in your brain. I usually propose a three-day pause when writing a short narrative.

If you need to conduct research, now is the time to do so, though I strongly advise not thinking about your story.

The further you can get away from it, the better your editing will be.

3. Edit with a mind for brevity

You’re ready to return with a vengeance now that you’ve taken a vacation. This is where you “kill your darlings” and show no mercy for the story you just finished less than a week ago. The second draft is when you start to be more critical.

Keep in mind that we’re writing a short story, not a novel. You don’t have time to go into great depth about the lives of your characters. You don’t have time for side stories, a large cast of characters, or Stephen King-style droning.

Short stories, on the other hand, should have a beginning, middle, and end. Even though they’re short, they’re still stories.

As you edit, consider whether each piece of backstory, world building, or anything else is necessary for the reader to know. Is it necessary for them to know it straight away if they do? If they don’t, you should clip it.

4. Get feedback

This can be a scary step if this is your first time letting others view your writing. Nobody wants to be criticized. However, after writing, receiving feedback is the most critical step in the writing process.

The more eyes on a piece of writing you can acquire, the better.

I strongly advise seeking input from someone who is knowledgeable about writing, rather than your mother or best friend. People we care about are wonderful, but they will never offer you honest critique because they care about you. Go to them if you want to be praised. Join a writing community and obtain criticism from other writers if you want to improve as a writer.

Once you’ve obtained some input from a few people, make any adjustments you think are required and conduct a last edit to catch any minor errors like grammar and punctuation.

5. Publish

We love it when you publish your work here at The Write Practice. In fact, we don’t consider a narrative complete until it has been published.

Don’t let your short story sit on your computer, whether you’re following the usual route and sending it to anthologies and magazines, or you’re more into self-publishing. Get it out there so that you may grow your readership.

It’s also really amazing to be able to call yourself a published author.

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What makes a good short story essay?
The best short stories contain a twist that comes at the very end to catch the reader off guard. Throughout the story, the writer gives hints of what will be revealed in the end, but they are subtle hints that will still leave the reader saying, “Of course! I should have seen that,” as the twist in the tale is given. Read More:
What is a short story essay?
Though factual, the personal essay, sometimes called a narrative essay, can feel like a short story, with “characters” and a plot arc. A personal essay is a short work of nonfiction that is not academic (that is, not a dissertation or scholarly exploration of criticism, etc.). Read More:
What is a short story example?
While "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" is certainly one of the most famous examples of short stories, other tales such as Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekhov also fall into this category. Read on to enjoy several examples of short stories for children and adults. Read More:

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