The Reasons Why I Want to Study Law and Why I Would Be Good At It

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While the elders of every nation had stories of bravery and triumph to tell their children, the stories I hear of Malaysia wistfully involve events muddled by the crumbling of interracial peace, political upheaval and corruption. Having just experienced a major turnover within Malaysia’s political landscape in the last general election, I started to ponder on the potential it may encompass. Can there be atonement for the years of institutional discrimination on minorities? How can we seek justice to right the wrongs conceived by the past kleptocratic government? It was on exploring these issues that I realised I had to turn to Law as an avenue for positive change.

This attentiveness continues to consolidate my passion through additional reading and work experience. A stimulating internship at a local law firm has involved me in the application of the law in diverse fields; Namely, the Sabah Land Ordinance. It introduced me to the concept of ‘Power of Attorney’, motivating me to contemplate trust issues garnered by the transfer of land. Reading ‘Letters to a Law Student’ by McBride Nicholas is reassuring towards my evolving passion, it outlines the fundamental aspects of what a Law degree warrants.

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Jurisprudence and legal theory, being the foundation of law, are of great interest to me. They have inspired me to question whether the letter of law draws a parallel to the moral compass of humanity. Will people break the law out of moral obligations? Can traditions take precedence over the law? ‘Philosophy and Theory of Law’ by Asmah L. Yeon offers perspective to Medical Law, such as the principle of beneficence in patient-subject trials and issues regarding controversial medical innovations.

I find it intriguing how doctors are bound to Hippocratic Oath to use their knowledge and expertise to judge the most ethical approach in medical trials while taking account of the Nuremberg Code – to not neglect the informed consent of the patients. Ergo, my grounding in Chemistry and Biology allows me to better interpret this aspect of the law in line with commercial reality.

Meanwhile, learning Economics exposes me to the volatile connection between law and economics; my learning of the sanctioning of protectionist measures by government legislature, and retaliation of afflicted countries by filing complaints to the WTO fortifies my admiration of its context in international law.

Ardently contributing to my college has been a transformative experience; As the editor of the Editorial Board, I developed my capacity for conscientious time management as I organised a fundraising event for the college. Presently, working with the committee to publish a yearbook for the graduates allowed me to cultivate my leadership skills. Moreover, being elected to lead as the Community Officer of the Student Council, I fostered my self- discipline, communication and organising skills. Acknowledging that powerful oratory skills form the crucial backbone of a legal career, I joined Toastmasters International. Doing speeches and debates have bolstered my ability in research and critical thinking, skills vital for the engagement of law. Serving Junior Chamber International, I explored the various societal problems in Malaysia.

For one, the communities deprived of nationality and care in Malaysia; Namely, the government only provides emergency medical care to registered nationals. Such an event showcases a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and human rights by the Malaysian legislature. In my academics, I learnt to reason from first principles, establishing skills in argumentative writing. This ability allowed me to win first prize in the Cassini Scientist for A Day essay contest organised by NASA.

I fervently revel myself in philosophy, critical thinking, economic principles and social analysis. It is thus my humble belief that these attributes that I have accumulated, coupled with my passion for Law, shall propel me towards this intellectual endeavour.

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