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Why i choose Boston University

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Great institutes contribute toward the academic development and personal aura of the students. It produces professional confidence in the individual that enables one to speak out for a course of action even when others disagree.  It makes them to takes significant personal or professional risks to accomplish important goals. This behaviour is particularly important in those jobs where individuals are placed in challenging situations or circumstances and where their opinion or advice may be questioned.  It enables individuals to stand their ground and to work independently without constantly referring to others for advice.

  Individuals who demonstrate this behaviour are prepared to take on new or different challenges in their role. Attachment to great institute is a pride in itself but it rings the extra psychological confidence in the individual to accomplish a task successfully.

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Why i choose Boston University
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Furthermore, the multicultural environment of the such great institutes produce ability to demonstrate respect for, interest in and understanding of a range of attitudes, beliefs and traditions and how these affect and contribute to the work.

I myself am an international student, so this multicultural environment will help me to learn through diversity. In America, several other impediments came into my way i.e. the difference of culture, language and the system of education. I produced inter-cultural competence to overcome these differences and polished my skills in oral and verbal English. But multicultural environment will help me to overcome these problems and will capacitate me to understand the beauty and intricacies of multiculturism.

 Being a student who possesses an inquisitive and curious nature, I always craved for in-depth knowledge of things. This inner inclination becomes a habitual formation in my school days and again my schools results are a proof of this personal trait. So my purpose is not to get a degree merely but to satisfy my inquisitive nature as well. As great institute like Boston University, does not believe in mere transfer of knowledge and its acquisition by the students but it charges the creative batteries of the students. It inculcates in them a spirit to think, evolve and implement an idea in the practical form. It trains them to be original in thought and work. These qualities and values of the institute have attracted me to consider this institution as my future alma mater.

Furthermore, as I stated earlier that the major purpose of my study is to satisfy my inner cravings for knowledge, so I have not opted for my major yet. I want my institute to help me in this process of self-discovery through counselling i.e. which course will suit my natural inclinations and intellectual capabilities. Another reason for applying Boston University is the influence of my close friends. They are very satisfied with the academic and cultural environment of the University and are of the view that Boston University suits me most. They have further eulogized the great city of Boston and its socio-cultural milieu. So this influence further motivated me to apply for this great institute.

Additionally, I am lured by the great standing of Boston University in the academic and professional circles, its reputation for creative and innovative academic environment, its on-campus facilities, its enriched co-curricular and sports activities and scholarly names among the faculty member. All these have compelled to apply for this great and renowned institute.

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