Why I Choose DBA at TUW

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There is a difference but there are also similarities. DBA courses focuses on the latest business research, exploring a specific business topic. DBA is one of the highest degrees a student can receive, in which can help employees progress as a leader their business field. PhD is the highest degree a student can receive. PhD courses are for students who are pursuing a career as researchers or professor at a University or College, learning different aspects from a research perspective. “The curriculum of doctoral programs preparing DBA and PhD candidates would be significantly different from one another” (MacLennana , Pina, & Gibbons, 2018, pg. 149). One similarity is that graduates with the DBA or PhD can both be professors at the college/university level.

DBA is more suitable for employees who want to move up in management level within their current jobs. For example, DBA would most likely benefit the college/university educators, consultants, and executive officers. Higher education has to create a plan and implement curriculums in order to teach and evaluate students. Consultants provide strategic action plans to resolve issues. And Executive officers oversee the company and also determine and implement business initiatives.

I chose to earn my DBA at TUW because I have previous experience with TUW with earning my Masters. From my experience, the faculty and staff are always there to help when I call. They truly want the students to succeed in their professional career by providing resources in a timely manner. I currently work in Administration at a college in Georgia. With the DBA, I can move up to higher positions such as a “Director of the Financial Aid” department or even “Vice President of Student Affairs” within any College/University.

I am also a credentialed Financial Aid Specialist, and once I have 5 years of experience as well as the DBA, I will be able to move up the ranks to become a Federal Financial Aid Employee who trains different schools on the financial aid regulations and policies. I have a passion to help students and I plan to continue doing that with the DBA. I really have so many opportunities with earning the DBA from TUW. Most importantly, I am the first in my family to continue education after high school, I have 10 nieces and nephews who look up to me as a role model. I do not have any kids but the fact that I am still going shows them that they can to. I tutor them and I am proud to say, they all have at least a B+ average besides the baby boy (2 years old). My oldest niece is graduating as Valedictorian of her High School Class of 2020!

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