Why i want to become an engineer

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The writer has always been fascinated by large buildings and structures since childhood. Their interest in civil engineering and engineering drawing classes in high school further expanded their knowledge about buildings. The writer is determined to improve their grades in matriculation to achieve their goal of becoming a Civil Engineer. They believe that they deserve the scholarship because they are hardworking and driven to succeed. The writer’s parents have a middle-class salary, and the scholarship would ease their burden. The writer believes that they possess the personal attributes and intelligence required to be a civil engineer and possess the work habits and drive to be successful in this career.

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Throughout our childhood, we all form individual aspirations. In my personal experience, I have harbored an enduring fascination for skyscrapers and ingeniously crafted edifices. The awe-inspiring constructions that envelop me have consistently garnered my admiration, and I hold profound esteem for the individuals who play a pivotal part in their design and construction on such a magnificent level.

I was constantly amazed by the remarkable and difficult structures that individuals could build. My fascination grew even more when I began studying civil engineering and engineering drawing in high school, as it offered additional understanding of the construction world. I realized that to pursue a career as a Civil Engineer, I would have to work hard during college and attain exceptional grades. Although my performance in my SPM exams was not satisfactory, I remained resolute in compensating for it.

I am diligently working towards improving my grades in matriculation. I strongly believe that someone in your company with a similar attitude towards continuous improvement can greatly benefit the company. Personally, I feel deserving of this scholarship due to my strong work ethic. I invest considerable effort into everything I undertake and strive to achieve high goals in life. I am determined and will go to any lengths to reach my objectives.

I deserve this scholarship because of my determination to succeed and pass on knowledge to future generations. Moreover, receiving this scholarship would greatly ease the financial burden on my middle-class parent. Additionally, I firmly believe that civil engineering is the ideal field for me. I have confidence in my personal qualities and intelligence essential for being a civil engineer, along with possessing the work ethic and determination crucial for triumph in this profession. Hence, I have chosen civil engineering as my career path.

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