Richie Parker – Engineer for Hendricks Motorists

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Many people unknowingly overlook the mundane aspects of life, such as catching a baseball, opening a soda bottle, performing a wheelie on a bicycle, or even tying a shoe. These activities are effortlessly done without much thought. However, individuals like Archie Parker have dedicated their lives to overcoming these seemingly trivial challenges and more, in order to achieve a successful and fulfilling existence.

Archie Parker, an engineer for Hendricks Motorists, is a well-respected and talented engineer who loves automobiles, especially fast ones. Despite the fact that he has no arms, Archie starts his day like any average person – waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed, enjoying breakfast, and eventually driving to work. Born in Effort, South Carolina in May of 1983, Archie’s dedication to his passion for cars is truly remarkable.

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During his infancy, it was discovered that Archie had Bilateral Amelia, a non-genetic birth defect that leads to the absence of limbs. Unfortunately, both his arms were affected by this condition. However, it is important to reconsider the term “unfortunate” when referring to Archie, as he proved to be far from it. Throughout his upbringing, he faced derogatory comments from adults around him and received discouraging remarks from indecisive doctors who predicted limitations in his life due to his disability. Nonetheless, Archie remained resilient and refused to heed their words.

As an adult, Archie has become skillful at various tasks. He has mastered riding a bike, retrieving and heating food from the fridge using a microwave, and even driving a car by starting the ignition with his feet and steering with his knees. In his professional career, Archie has found a creative solution. He uses the keyboard and mouse on the floor and operates them with his feet to design cars for MASCARA drivers like Casey Kahn, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Reinhardt, Jar. Outside of work, Archie’s love for cars continues. He spends his free time refurbishing old vehicles and equipping his favorite ones with foot steering systems.

Archie earned a engineering degree from Clemson University in South Carolina in 2009. He initially connected with Hendricks Motorists through a 2005 internship, which he applied for through Mascara’s Drive for Diversity program. Throughout his 10-week internship, Archie showcased his skills and forged a relationship that led to a permanent position with Hendricks Motorists. Over the course of eight years, he has overcome numerous challenges and advanced within the company’s hierarchy. Currently, Archie serves as both a chassis and body component designer at Hendricks.

Hendricks Motorists have given Archie Parker an opportunity, and it has been beneficial for both the MASCARA team and Parker, who was born without arms. Bilateral Amelia is an uncommon congenital anomaly, with various debated causes like alcohol intake, particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy, or genetic mutations. It may also involve duplications or exchanges among enthusiastic commoners wearing Stetsons and elated winners of camerawoman reiterations.

Affected infants with Bilateral Amelia often do not survive past birth. However, Richard Parker stands out as a shining star and an inspiration. I have decided to focus on Archie Parser’s story because it showcases his remarkable achievements and his courage and admiration. Despite his handicap, he could have let it hold him back. Instead, he chose to rely on his intelligence and competence for attention rather than seeking pity.

Archie could’ve easily relied on disability aid and social security for financial support. However, he chose to finance his own education and pursue a career he is passionate about. This accomplishment requires immense self-discipline, especially for someone like Archie Parker who faces physical challenges. In summary, my essay emphasizes that regardless of the obstacles we face, we can still achieve great success.

Our approach to challenges depends on us as individuals, even though our loved ones, like our mother, father, brother, sister or friend, can provide support. However, it is ultimately our responsibility to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. I strongly believe that no task is insurmountable. This belief has been reinforced by the courage and resilience of an exceptional man. Despite being born without arms and constantly hearing throughout his life that he would never be considered normal or capable of pursuing his desired activities, he has triumphed over adversity and conquered his personal realm in a remarkable manner. He did this by banishing doubt from his mind and forever transforming himself.

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