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Richie Parker – Engineer for Hendricks Motorists

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    Most people, I’m sure unconsciously take for granted the simple day to day things in life. For instance; catching a baseball during a game of summer catch, twisting the top off of your favorite bottle of soda, popping a wheelie on your bicycle, or merely tying your shoe is a small list of things we all could do without thinking. However someone like Archie Parker has devoted his life to overcoming these simple no brain obstacles among others in order to live a normal successful life.

    Archie Parker is an engineer for Hendricks Motorists which is one of Mascara’s eating organizations. Archie is a well-respected and talented engineer of the object he loves the most, automobiles, fast ones. Archie, I can imagine starts his day off like the average person. Wakes up, takes the daily shower, gets dressed for the day, has some breakfast, then eventually hops in his car and takes off to work. There is one small detail that I forgot to mention. Unlike the average person Archie does all of this with no arms. Yes I said no arms. Archie was born in May of 1983 in Effort, South Carolina.

    While he was a bouncing healthy baby boy, his parent’s had an unexpected finding. Archie was born with Bilateral Amelia, a non-genetic birth defect in which limbs are not formed. And unfortunately for Archie both of his arms were the limbs unaccounted for. My choice of words should be revised because this man is anything but unfortunate. He grew up listening to the crude remarks of surrounding adults and indecisive physicians telling him what he wouldn’t be able to do in life as a result of his handicap. But Archie was stubborn and would not listen.

    As an adult now Archie has inventively mastered such tasks as riding a bike, taking food out of the fridge and microwaving it n his own and driving a car using his feet to start the ignition and his knees to steer. In his career Archie has found a way, using the keyboard and mouse on the floor, then operating both with his feet to design cars used by MASCARA drivers such as Casey Kahn, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Reinhardt, Jar. Archie has always been a fan of cars, and he spends his free time refurbishing old cars and adapting the ones he favors the most with foot steering systems.

    Archie graduated from Clemson University in South Carolina with a degree in engineering in 2009, and he first made contact with Hendricks Motorists through an internship in 005. He applied for the position through Mascara’s Drive for Diversity program, and during his 10-week internship his skills shined and Archie built a relationship that landed him a full-time Job with Hendricks Motorists. Eight years later he is still hurdling over everyday obstacles but has worked his way up the chain at Hendricks and is now also serving as a chassis and body component designer.

    Hendricks Motorists gave Archie Parker a chance, and it’s turned out to be a win-win for the MASCARA team and for an engineer who was born without arms. Bilateral Amelia is an extremely rare birth defect. There are numerous speculations as to why this defect can occur such as alcohol consumption especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, or due to recessive or dominant mutations, or Involve camerawoman reiterations winner entire Stetsons AT commoners are elated, duplicated or exchanged.

    Affected infants of Bilateral Amelia are often stillborn or die shortly after birth. However Richard Parker is a shining star and an inspiration to us I chose Archie Parser’s story as my topic not only for his amazing accomplishments so far in his life but also for his courage and admiration. He could have easily used his handicap as a crutch. He could’ve used pity instead of smarts and competence to get attention from others.

    It would’ve also been so easy for Archie to fall into the cracks of disability aid and social security to financially provide for himself. Instead he put himself through college and earned a degree in doing what he loves. It takes an extreme amount of self-discipline for someone to achieve that without physical interference let alone someone like Archie Parker. In conclusion of my essay the point of which I am trying to get across is that no eater what cards we are dealt in life we can still come out with a full house.

    It all depends on how we as individuals play them. Mother, father, brother, sister, or friend can all give a helping hand sure, but it takes ourselves to achieve our goals and dreams. Nothing is impossible; I sincerely believe this now more than ever thanks to this brave and high spirited man. The man with no arms. The man who was told he’d never be normal or do the things he wanted to, as a child or an adult. The man who changed MASCARA forever. And the man who conquered his own world by leaving one little word out of his mind…….. Doubt.

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