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Why Is It Important to Learn About Different Cultures

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Why is it important to learn about different cultures? Does it really matter? Why should we take time off to learn about a person who is different? What does this do for us? These are very important questions which are asked frequently. I think we all are different but are the same at the same time. We might have different beliefs or opinions but we are all humans. I believe it is important for people to learn about other cultures because it teaches us we really aren’t different, teaches us to respect different individuals, and it prevents us from being prejudice to certain ethnic groups.

I don’t exactly belong to a culture myself, so mixing with a person of a different culture has never been difficult. Everyone is hesitant to mix into a group of people they aren’t a part of” said Expert Bou-Nacklie.

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Why Is It Important to Learn About Different Cultures
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So, we listen to different kinds of music, we eat different foods, we most likely even speak a different native language but are we really so different? Expert Moya Angelou doesn’t think so.

She claims in her book “Humans beings are more alike than unalike and what is true anywhere is true everywhere. Perhaps if we are willing to forget uncertainties and speak to someone for more than five minutes, we could begin to notice these similarities. We may see that although our perceptions of humour may be different, we all love a good laugh every once, a while. After making a bond with someone of another culture, we may notice that shwarma is a delicious to anyone who has living taste buds, and the reggaton beat is pretty good for getting down. People might say, but why should we make the effort to establish that connection and find similarities with those from other cultures?

What if everything’s fine just the way it is? Expert President Carter said “Only by knowing and understanding each others experience can we find common ground on when we can examine and resolve our differences. ” “As the world becomes more and more interdependent, such mutual understanding becomes increasingly vital. ” The world is becoming more interdependent. According to federal statistics on the Fort Worth area, 41. 3% of the population in 2000 was not white. That means people are constantly coming in contact with, and depending on, others of different colours, religions, and backgrounds.

In Canada, one fifth of the population or 6,186,950 people were born outside of the country, and annual averages of 240,000 people have migrated here since 2000. In 2006, Canada’s social fabric was made up of people from more than 200 different ethnic origins who spoke more than 200 languages, a significant change from the 25 ethnic groups who lived in Canada at the beginning of the last century. By socializing and interacting across cultures, Canadians gain greater understanding and respect for different perspectives, ideas and approaches to life.

According to the Academy for Sustainable Communities in the United Kingdom, a culturally diversified society brings “more ideas, more options and more opportunities. ” Nearly three-quarters of Canadians try interacting with other cultures. According to the Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward learning, 71% of Canadians tried socializing with people from other cultures in 2007. People of live in Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia were most likely to socialize with people from other cultures.

This is probably due to the fact that these four provinces have the highest immigrant population. Another reason to engage ourselves in other cultures is to expand our thinking and expand our view of the world and ourselves. A new point may help us stop criticizing other ways of life and take a critical look at our own. Instead of being utterly alarmed by the violent religious movements by Muslim radicals, we may begin to see there are many religious crimes fuelled by hatred here in our own country.

Expert Singleton said, “If students aren’t going global they aren’t going anywhere. ” Get involved on a global scale. Make a friend of someone you normally wouldn’t Dance to some Spanish music. Take a few steps outside your comfort zone and pull up a chair. Pretty soon you’ll feel pretty good in you new spot, and you’ll realize your comfort zone has grown bigger. That is a good thing but this world is a pretty good big place. Isn’t that what we all want? Peace and happiness?

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