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We learn from our mistakes and not from our success

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Do you remember the day that you lied or steal and got caught from your parents or teacher? However, it is not wrong to make a mistake if you learn not to do it again. Al Franken, the United States junior senator also stated “Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned that hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake which at least others can learn from.

” I believe people learn from mistake more than learning from their success. By making mistakes, it can benefits us in many different ways such as giving us experience and builds us the great character. Mistakes can give us experience, which teach us not to do it again. Try to imagine going for your first job after completing university? I can conclude that many people in the world would make a lot of mistake during their first job. However, it would be hard to get employed directly as employers, who have been working for a long time.

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We learn from our mistakes and not from our success
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As we make mistakes and learn from it, we tend to react even more aware of what need to be done in order to achieve our gold. Back in 1879, the great Americans inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison, tried two thousand different materials in the search of a thread for the light bulb. Nonetheless, none of the materials worked well, his helper commented, “All our work is in vain, we have learned nothing.”

Edison replied “We have come a long way and we have learnt a lot. We notice that the material that we used cannot use to make a good light bulb”. Secondly, we all make Mistakes. Some people might think that mistakes. On the other hand, by making mistakes it makes us to have a great sense to learn from our experience and find the possible ways to resolve our problems and situations. Furthermore, Failure encourages us to look for other resolution that we learn from our mistake. When I was in 3th grade, I lied to my dad that I don’t have holiday homework. Somehow he got to know, he hit me really hard. From that moment, I have leant that should have finished it at the first week of vacation. In the resolution, people make mistakes just move on learn what you have done. By making mistakes, it can benefit us in many different ways such as giving us experience and builds us the great character. Lastly, I would like to end this essay with this quote from Orca Wilde “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes “.

When human beings need some semblance of advice, they foolishly ignore any advice that is given to them. George Bush, one of the most castigated Presidents in United States history, was in desperate need of advice relating to the Iraqi War, but when counsel was offered, he rashly chose to ignore the viewpoints that could aided his presidency. Winston Churchill, who unlike Bush, is revered by the majority of the universe, stupidly discounted the opinions of his advisers regarding Churchill’s decision to appease Germany. Although history is replete with examples of remarkable individuals choosing to ignore advice when their need is most prevalent, the story of George Bush stands out. George Bush idiotically propagated an abominable war with Iraq because of his belief that Iraq was in possession of nuclear weapons and was planning on using them to attempt to annihilate the United States. Bush heedlessly held the notion that the war was necessary because of the “apparent” danger to the United States; however, Bush was in desperate need of advice because there was little to no threat against the United States. When Bush’s advisers approached Bush with the opinion that Iraq was not a credible danger to the United States, Bush obstinately ignored the advice. Like a lion fighting an ant, Bush senselessly fought the meek country of Iraq, in spite of the input he had received from his advisers.

Another world leader who is maligned for imprudently devaluing the guidance of his advisers is Winston Churchill. Before the atrocity that was World War II was initiated, Churchill carelessly attempted to assuage Germany through the acquiescing to the demands of Germany. Churchill moronically believed that transferring the Sudetland to Germany would ensure a lasting peace in Europe; unfortunately, Churchill never came to the realization that it was critical he receive guidance. When Churchill’s advisers decided to dispense their input out of fear that Germany would not be pacified, Churchill recklessly disregarded his adviser’s opinions and continued his policy of appeasement. Similar toa teenager ignoring the sagacity of adults, Churchill undervalued the advice he received, satiated Germany’s appetite and encouraged the carnage that was WWII. One monstrous fault of human beings is their inability to receive any semblance of advice when their need is most obvious. Sadly, the examples of Bush and Churchill doggedly rejecting the consultations from their advisers when their need was most prevalent caused thousands of deaths and chaos throughout the world. Akin to a baby bird leaving the nest without the help of its mother, both Churchill and Bush “left the nests early” and both were unable to fly.

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