Why We Can’ t Wait By Martin Luther King Jr

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While reading Dr. King ’ s novel, I was able to acquire an uncensored thought of what African Americans went through in their battle for civil rights. I can non grok the extent to which they suffered while protesting, and it would be ignorant of me to believe that I could understand. The many people who fought with Martin Luther King, Jr. for civil rights understand something about this state that I am merely get downing to detect. I can merely trust this black portion of our history is ne’er repeated.

I felt a sense of disgust and shame while reading about the events of the Civil Rights battle in Birmingham, Alabama. I have ever heard that they would used Canis familiariss and H2O hosieries to force back crowds, but I ever got the sense that it was some sort of helter-skelter protesting on the portion of the African Americans. I can non believe that people who live in a state based on freedom of address and the other rights in the Constitution would seek to halt peaceable protests and presentations in such a mode. How could people believe that this sort of subjugation was tolerable and that the inkinesss did non hold a right and freedom to protest?

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Part of me wanted to be at that place to assist do a difference and articulation in the battle, but portion of me was besides truly afraid merely by reading about the events in Birmingham. The people who protested with Dr. King showed a enormous sum of bravery and passion that could non be put out by fire hosieries or Canis familiariss. I do non believe that anyone, who has non been the victim of the utmost subjugation that the inkinesss were victims of for 100s of old ages, could understand why the civil rights motion was necessary at that clip. Dr. King realized that you can non wait for people to alter their attitudes or beliefs, you have to assist them see the mistake of their beliefs. It is easy for person who is non being oppressed to state you to wait. When you and your households are the victims of subjugation and force, you reach a breakage point when you realize that things need to alter now. Dr. King had the bravery to state that publically, and people followed him in the battle because of that bravery.

When you believe in something that much nil, non even decease can halt the battle. Even after Dr. King was assassinated, his bequest lived on. His bequest was something that was stronger than the racialists ’ attitudes in this state and there was nil they could make to halt his bequest. Our state has come a long manner the events in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Each twenty-four hours we come nearer to being the state that Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned, and I hope we get at that place shortly. I look frontward to the twenty-four hours that we can state as a state that subjugation and racism were the biggest errors of our state and they are a thing of the yesteryear that shall ne’er be relived by anyone.

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