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Wireless Technologies Proposal

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Wireless Technologies Proposal


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Wireless Technologies Proposal
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Wireless Technologies Proposal
Wireless technologies are vital for the success of an organization. Team C is grateful to take the opportunity to present a proposal for Party Plates that will demonstrate how Party Plates can take advantage of wireless technologies. More specific, Team C will present two wireless technologies beneficial for Party Plates, explain the pros and cons of implementing these technologies, justify and discuss risks for incorporating technologies, and provide a Microsoft® Excel® sheet to show hardware and software costs for proposed wireless technologies.

Smart phones and laptops

Team C proposes Party Plates use two important wireless technologies- smart phones and laptops. Smart phones are extremely beneficial to the operation of any business. Smart phones are also a big factor in the marketing aspect as well. Smart phones have the capability of sending e-mails, sending mass e-mails, texting, running office applications, adding employee hours of pay, and so much more. Smart phones are beneficial and almost necessary to have to run a business successfully.

Because business owners and operators are extremely busy, smart phones provide convenience of handling business when not in the office. In addition, laptops are another important form of wireless technology.

Laptops are also mandatory to have to run a successful business. Most laptops run on Microsoft® software and use Microsoft® Office® (Excel®, Word®, PowerPoint®, and Access®). Excel® and Access® generate spreadsheets that will track Party Plate’s financial side of the business. Word® will create documents, flyers, e-mails, messages, and help with marketing. PowerPoint® produces professional presentations. Laptops are an alternative for smart phones when large, multiple tasks are required.



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Wireless Technologies Proposal. (2016, Apr 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/wireless-technologies-proposal/

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