Women Empowerment and Motherhood

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“l don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. ” This quotation is an excerpt from The Diary of Anne Frank. Whenever I am asked about women empowerment, my mother’s experience in raising us would immediately pop in my head. She probably lived by this quote to be able to overcome all the struggles she faced in life raising her beautiful children, to come out triumphant against all the obstacles she had to conquer for us. This is a perfect example of women empowerment for me because it proves that a woman can also provide for the family while taking care of the children.

Most importantly, she serves as an inspiration to me and my siblings to strive hard in life and succeed so we can make her proud, thus a contribution for the good of the society. I chose to tell about my mother’s story as it is something that is close to my heart and has always given me inspiration. Since my parent’s are separated, my mother had to provide for us. Looking for a Job was tough for her at that time given that her age was past most Job requirements and she hasn’t finished her degree in college.

Luckily, one of our relatives offered help giving her a Job as a laundrywoman. Despite her age and health that time, she didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. This is probably Just one of the other million situations in the world where a mother gives everything she has in order to provide for her beloved kids, however this is a big turning point in my life as my mother has shown that there is nothing she won’t do for us, so I have sworn from that day, that I shall do everything in my capability to be a successful engineer for her in return.

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