Advantages and Disadvantages of Women Empowerment

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Abstract This essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of empowering women so that they can hold other positions apart from their traditional ones. Firstly, it will consider the disadvantages of women empowerment mainly in terms with economical and social stand in the general society. And all of which has proven it’s drawbacks when the pressure of women empowerment transpires. Consequently, it will discuss the benefits of women empowerment and present the view on the social, economical and political contribution women as established in their empowerment.

Finally, this essay will conclude that empowering women is rather necessary and needed then preferable. (106 words) Benefits And Drawbacks Of Women Empowerment Today, many societies are becoming highly industrialized and adequately governed due to the intelligence and knowledge men and women have acquired and have put to action. To date, women occupies half of the worlds population, yet, women holds less than one in five Parliament seats and have lower female participation in entrepreneurship. For a long time women have holdup far behind men in key socio economic indicators and play subordinate roles to the male domination.

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Therefore, the motivation and instigation of the necessities to women empowerment has become more active than before. However, there are significant drawbacks to consider as the benefits are recognized. This essay speculates and puts forward the certain disadvantages and the beneficial side of empowering women, where it finalizes that the benefits are strongly opted for the betterment of the nation. To begin with, empowerment of women has, in some cases resulted in delusion of culture and social problems within and outside the family cycle. Women’s emancipation has overshot and has broken up families”, (Dark Side Of Women Empowerment, Ghaudi, 2010). For any working women, organizing, commuting and time is very stressful, exhausting and sometimes exasperating when workloads besides their work outside their home also mounts up. This in turn will result in poor time management as she would have to fit in quality family time with her family into her schedule. And as a result, her spouse, children and even her self are ignored.

According to Chuppkay, the lack of full attention to the children and each other results in high; tension, divorce rates, violence and in turn psychosocially (working women to family and society, 2007). However, unless the spouse of a working women is sensitive; who shares and equalizes the responsibility in and out of their home, it will only be a dysfunctional family with poor communication and upbringing. Additionally, the empowering of women decreases birthrate and also creates an environment of intense competition, this is one factor towards political instability.

According to Methews and Ventura (1994), a women’s educational level is the best predictor of how many children she will conceive or have. It is said that the educational attainment is a very critical factor in accounting for lifetime fertility differentials. Following this point, a low birthrate hinders and causes glaring problems to the economy. A good example is Germany, which, at this stage is facing some economic crisis related to their decline in birth rate. This phenomenon is causing concern among the powerbrokers of Berlin given the current context of rigor and reduced public spending, said Versieux. 2012). Technically, higher birth rates are more preferable in countries which faces high deaths rate simultaneously.

On the other hand, the presence of women and men working at the same time and profession does create intense competition. As the rise of intelligence in women takes place at work, the interest and effort of men also accelerates where to an extent, common patterns of gender bias is encountered in the work environment. Similarly, the benefits of women empowerment also touches every aspect and facet of society.

The initiative and the will to empower women gives both the privileged and the unfortunate the motivation to make a difference in ones social, economical and political structure of a nation. Sen and Grown (1985) points out that in order for reductions in external aid and resources may be compensated, this requires the participation of both men and women. Contrary to this point, some countries do not accommodate enforcement and implications on gender equality, certain efforts and rights have been put in the dim by social dictates, where the existing laws for gender equality are often disregarded when applied to women.

Pakistan and India are two glaring examples of this. The suffering of women and the denial of their rights go hand in hand with the instability of nations, Clinton said. (Empowering Women Benefits All, 2012). Therefore, it is just and right to remove discriminating laws and empower women to the highest degree as much as economic and social proficiency is concerned. Furthermore, empowering women can uplift the spirit and put to practice whatever talent a women has in her. Some people just need continuous support and motivation to keep them going forward and optimistic with their roles in society and in a family.

Being empowered will help women become less dependent on their counterparts or their fathers. They will make appropriate decisions and maybe be masters of their own when necessary. When women empowerment takes it’s toll, things fall into place. The right to be heard and the right to be protected applies to all, even to the differences in status. An article in a newspaper reads, rural women have been crying for years, they need somewhere to sleep when they come in to sell at the markets. They arrive in the middle of the night or early mornings.

This means some form of dignity is to be accorded and granted according to their needs. (Fiji Times, 2012, 11). If women make up 50 per cent of the population, make 50 per cent of the tax payers, and make 50 per cent contribution to the countries Gross Domestic Products (GDP), is it not right that 50 per cent of the nations tax be directed to improving the welfare of women? (Volatabu, 2012, 11). Conclusively, based on the information and evidence given in this essay, it can be analised that the pro’s not only outweigh the drawbacks of women empowerment but are really sensitive and intense issues that needs attention.

The drawbacks can be altered and minimized by making effective and appropriate choices, by individual and state efforts in looking into the various factors that causes the problem and working coherently in instituting a solution. Moreover, times have passed and it is a time to change so that women must not be made suffer in silence and negligence. “ we need to draw attention where something needs attention”. (Empowering Women for Better Results, Bachan, 2012).

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