The Importance of Women Empowerment

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What does it mean to be equal? For me, equality means to be alike in quantity, degree, or value. It means you are equal in rights, status, and opportunities. However, many women are often deprived and lack cultural benefits simply for being women. As perceived in two powerful advocacy posters illuminating a persuasive message of women and their vulnerability. The first image, demonstrates women of different backgrounds all standing next to each other in support of one another; representing unity. The second image, displays a woman being controlled by a puppeteer; which interprets dominance. While dissecting the images through the lenses of pathos, ethos, and logos, I have come to conclude that though the two pieces are different upon first inspection, the common theme of women empowerment is strong among the two.

First, it’s important to recognize that gender equality is a human right. A woman is very much entitled to live in freedom the way she pleases. Empowering women is an important subject for advancing society in to a more positive and progressive one. Most men often view themselves as being the superior ones in society. They believe that they are the stronger and more capable ones. They believe that women cannot perform the more important roles of a society. Men often place themselves on high regards and make women believe they are inferior to them. They believe woman cannot advance in fundamental areas such as education, politics, economics, or domestically.

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However, the truth is that women have already advanced in all these areas and have realized that they do not need to rely on a men; making them the epitome of independent. Moreover, women empowerment is vital because men have very much oppressed women throughout history. Women, therefore, have had a harder time achieving their goals compared to men since men have been keeping them under their control. Now, millions and millions of women are finally stepping up and have decided that enough is enough. They recognize they are just as valuable as men and are not a men’s toy. They have their own voices, ideas, and power. They will no longer be kept under the victim atmosphere because they now understand they are the real foundation to society. Image 1 is a very meaningful image because it summons the idea of independence and women empowerment. It depicts different women with their own differences coming together. Image 1 invokes pathos because the women standing along one another with an impression of confidence, implies that they hold security in what they are proficient of achieving. All of the women have an arm up which communicates the idea of assurance with their own selves and the value of being able to accomplish and prosper in the form of unity. With a strong logo statement of “We Can Do It”, affirming their capability of doing anything and everything.

Their essence of pride and courage is prone to making any men feel intimidated. This image derives from the original illustration of Rosie the Riveter; a cultural icon of World War II, representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. It was produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 as an inspirational image to boost worker morale. Since then, it has been used to promote feminism and political issues dealing with women. This image is important because it entails powerful visual imagery that speaks for the empowerment of women. This connects with the focal point audience, women, because it sends a convincing message of no limits and empowerment. Image 2 is a compelling image because it displays a woman being controlled by a puppeteer. It depicts a hand managing a woman, in what she is meant to do. It shows a dark twisted image full of bitter, gloomy, and repugnant emotions. This translates to real life since men often control women like a puppeteer.

Men often dictate women by setting order or principles that must be obeyed. This is something gruesome because women are not allowed to have their own voice or personal freedom. Image 2 invokes pathos because the woman being manipulated by strings attached to her, implies she is being used for the pleasure of the puppeteer. This connects with the audience because when a women is handled against her will, she faces remorseful feelings that come from this control. This is why women empowerment is crucial. Women empowerment is needed to elevate women and make them know they do not need to be controlled or told what to do.

Furthermore, women empowerment is a mainstream topic that in recent years has flourished to become a tool of uplifment for women. Feminist icons such as Malala Yousafzai, who has been an activist for female education, or Michelle Obama, who has fought to change the perspective of what women can do have proved that there is truly no limit to what a women can accomplish. A new atmosphere for women has finally been created. A perfect example for this is the me too movement. The me too movement has been a powerful movement where women are finally speaking up against men who sexually harassed or assaulted them. Thousands and thousands of survivors have lifted their voices to declare that enough is enough. A very recognized case of this is the case of Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford spoke against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. She claimed Kavanaugh had sexually harassed her during high school. These allegations ended in a Supreme Court hearing where Ford shared a powerful testimony. Another example is the case of Harvey Weinstein

. Harvey Weinstein, a former film producer, has been the center of a hurricane, as he has been accused of sexual harassment by hundredths of women. These women have made horrific claims of encounters they had with Weinstein, whom had disturbed the well-being of these women. The women united and together have opened a box of Pandora that had to be opened in order to advance forward. Overall, the me too movement is a strong movement that keeps pushing women forward into a more positive direction. In conclusion, both of the images have a virtuous use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Although both images have a similar use of pathos, they differ in the way that Image 1 invokes independence while Image 2 invokes control. However, both share the common theme of women empowerment. Women empowerment is vital as it elevates women and makes them know they do not need to be controlled or told what to do. A woman is very much entitled to live in freedom the way she pleases and have her own voice in society.

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