Women Empowerment Throughout History

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Women throughout history have always been seen as the caretaker of the household necessities and the family, while the husband is the one in charge of bringing home the income. This ideology that the women should stay at home was something that was passed down several generations not really allowing the woman to have a sense of independence up until not so long ago when women began voicing their demands for their equal rights. With the recent women’s rights movements which have occurred, it has changed the way society functions. For example, with women obtaining the right to vote, going out into the work field, and being in charge of the household income, many women have gained this independence to succeed without the help a male. But with the increase in women empowerment and the rise in feminists there are many who oppose of the women’s movements and have created an anti-feminist movement along with messages going against what feminists stand for.

There has been a huge increase in anti-feminist’s messages which their main goal is to put an end to the women’s rights movement, these messages are known to have been incorporated in children’s television programming. In an article, it stated “we are in the midst of a media-generated backlash designed to undo the empowerment of girls and women, US popular culture targets young girls with anti-feminist messages, which undermine feminist”. (Myers) Because children tend to learn and grasp better information at a young age including these anti-feminist’s messages in their daily television shows, this tactic was a smart move on behalf of the anti-feminists. But not only are these messages hurting the work of the many feminists who have made an effort to push the empowerment of women, it is also affecting our younger female generations and their confidence to succeed in the world by themselves.

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As discussed throughout the paper social reproduction along with educational opportunities and anti-feminist messaging has greatly affected the way our society has functioned. With the several issues, it has caused and the lack of change as individuals we must focus on ways of bettering easier access to opportunities for everyone. If we allow the factors which were previously stated to affect someone’s opportunities, social inequality will always be an issue which society faces. Which is why the change starts with us we must end the ongoing cycle which has been a problem and find solutions.

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