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Woody 2000 Project Sample

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  • Pages 5
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    I. Undertaking Concept and StrategyA. Was the Woody 2000 undertaking good conceived? Give grounds for your sentiment. Answer: Yes. because before they plan the undertaking. they considered foremost the advantages and disadvantages of spread outing their location and enumerated the hazard that they will be encounter if they pursue relocating their concern.

    B. What were Woody’s existent aims that could and should hold been articulated? Answer: To better the production efficiency of the company via computing machine controlled mechanization.

    C. What schemes were at that place for accomplishing these aims? What would you urge? Answer: I recommend that carry oning a feasibleness survey will assist in accomplishing those aims.

    D. Did they consider other solutions? Give illustrations.Answer:

    E. How would you estimate the undertaking success? Could success be measured? If so. when? Answer: If the aims of the undertaking were met. Yes. if there were betterment on the public presentation of the concern map compared to its old activities.

    II. Project ScopeA. Why do you say redevelopment of the President and Executive Vice President Offices were included in the undertaking and was that a good thought? Answer: I think including the redevelopment of the President and Executive Vice President offices in the undertaking was non a good thought because It’s non a precedence in the undertaking which is concentrating on the production efficiency.

    B. Write a simple undertaking range statement.Answer: The range of the undertaking is to better the production efficiency by spread outing the work country and put ining new and automatic equipments.

    C. Develop a work dislocation construction.Answer:

    III. Undertaking PlaningA. What should be included in a Woody 2000 undertaking program? What usage would it be? Answer: The undertaking program must includeB. Evaluate Woody’s plans for pull offing the undertaking. including their attack to undertaking for professional services and the building work. What would you hold done and would that alter for consecutive stages of the undertaking? Answer:

    C. Did the undertaking program explicate how the undertaking and any alterations would be controlled? Should this be portion of the program? Answer:IV. QualityA. How should quality be approached and what does it intend?B. Why did Leadbetter non invoke the specifications to guarantee quality? What was the consequence? C. What is the importance of Quality to a undertaking like thisV. Planning and SchedulingA. Identify and depict a set of undertaking agenda mileposts from undertaking construct to project completion. B. Illustrate your mileposts on a simple saloon chart scaled to the information provided in the Case Study.

    C. Would a good baseline program have helped to demo that the undertaking would non run into its agenda? If so. how?Answer:D. How should drift on the critical way have been managed? Would this hold helped to finish on clip?VI. Cost EstimatingA. Develop a high-ranking estimation by “guesstimation” .Answer: aboutB. How should the estimation be presented?C. Is life-cycle bing a factor on this undertaking?D. Cashman kept his hard currency flow chart a secret. Why. and what would you hold done?Answer: Cashman may non desire to allow the others know the sum of money that have been ( nalabas ) and ( napasok ) . Be professional. Don’t leap to thedecision. Talk to him and inquire why he would make such a thing.

    VII. Contracting for Engineering and Construction ServicesA. What were the undertaking options unfastened to Woody’s? Which would hold been best and what would that hold involved?B. How should the contract ( s ) be organized and tendered?C. How should they be administered?D. Were the original Woody 2000 undertaking demands delivered?VIII. Communication and People ManagementA. Pull a undertaking organisation chart. What were the existent relationship?B. Should Leadbetter hold been left to run the undertaking?Answer: Leadbetter should hold been the one return reposibility for the undertaking because as a Undertaking director. he is more accurate to the place of Moneyworth. Leadbetter may cognize something that Moneyworth didnt know. Yes. Training is a large aid to everyone cuz it enhances your accomplishments and abilities.

    C. How should the Woody 2000 undertaking program be communicated and when?Answer: They should hold meetings depend on the meeting type. Uniting all intents of meetings into one can stop up nil gets done. The undertaking director must maintain in head if they encountered a certain problem/ issue. they must put a agenda for a meeting.

    D. What communicating ( coordination ) would you anticipate to see during executing?Answer: A good communicating with the development squad. For them to forestall confusion and misinterpretation. Besides they should ne’er presume that everyone understands what they’re stating. so do it simple and at the same clip informative.

    IX. Progress Monitoring and ControlA. Would a good baseline program have helped to do up clip?Answer: Let us first define Baseline Plan. A baseline program is a program that defines what contrivers hope the undertaking will look like. It includes cost. clip. and end factors. Yes. a good baseline program truly can assist to do up clip. Because all your resources. agendas. anything that concerns the undertaking have been prepared at the beginning. The lone thing to make of the squad is to “sunod” ( dont know the term ) .

    B. Pull a duty chart for effectual control.C. What would you hold done when you saw that the undertaking would non run into the agenda?Answer: foremost. ill put a meeting. so advise them to duplicate clip the undertaking but non in a point where ill completed work have been done. ( Hindu na ako certain dito- & gt ; & gt ; ) On the other manus. if the undertaking truly wouldnt meet its agenda. The Pm should inform the CEO or president about it and speak about the accommodation to do complete the undertaking.

    D. Project records were seemingly hapless. What records should hold been kept and how?Ten. Cost ControlA. Why was EID’s first monetary value so high? Was their place reasonable?B. When did Woody’s cognize they were in problem with over outgo? What was the consequence?C. How should the undertaking budget and expenditures be set out for cost control?D. Draw a simple flow chart for processing alterations.Eleven. Risk Identification and Management

    A. How did EID manage their hazards? Was this effectual? What might they hold done?B. List Woody’s existent surprises and add other possible surprises. What was. or should hold been. doneto fix for and react to them?C. Were there alterations? ? What were the impacts?Twelve. Facility Startup and Project CloseoutA. How was get down up managed on the Woody undertaking? How should it hold been managed?B. The Woody 2000 undertaking was obviously non good run. Why? Give grounds for your sentiment.C. Develop a list of “Key Success Indicators” that could and should hold been measured on completion.Rank them in order of precedence of this undertaking.

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