Working Hard and Live “The American Dream”

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Growing up one common piece of advice kids get is, stay in school and get good grades. There is a lot of benefits of working hard in school, this is the advice people are giving them is beneficial on many levels. Kids who stay in school and getting good grades can lead them to going to college, possibly getting a good job, and in a sense, live “The American dream”.Getting good grades is not easy, but it can be done. Growing up in the public school one can take quality classes for general education. Whereas those who are private schooled can get quality classes as well as quality teachers.

Then there are homeschoolers, they can choose the classes they want to take and work at their own pace. Regardless of how a student is schooled, they can get a quality education by studying and working hard. Students who get grades above a three point five GPA have a good chance getting into a college of their choice. Students have to overcome the struggles of being a youth to achieve this goal.After a student graduates high school with a good GPA they can get into a good college.

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If they are accepted they can devote their time and energy into being a full time student. This is not an easy task, but it can be done. Taking notes and turning their assignments on time is a good way to achieve academic success. College students also have to avoid destructive tendencies that were not as prevalent in their youth. Some students, when they move away from their parents, are very self-destructive in their actions.

Having freedom to do what they please they tend to hurt themselves through breaking the law and partying. However, if they work hard and they are diligent with their work, and they keep their head on straight they can succeed as they move into the workfield.Being in a good working working job can be a result of a degree, and can affect the amount of income you get according to your degree. Though it is true one can achieve a good paying job with going to college.

Working hard is another aspect one needs to focus on. This means working from the bottom of the work ladder up, doing the jobs no one likes to do, and willing to do the dirty work the right way. The American Dream comes into the picture when one gets a good high paying job, two kids, and a big house. This is a nice thing to have, but getting good grades and keeping their head on straight, people can live a prosperous life by getting good grades throughout their high school and college years.

Students do not realize how important grades are until they are older. Students who work hard have a better shot at succeeding in life, but nevertheless those who do not attend college or do not get the best grades still can get a good job, but it is harder for them in some ways. Getting good grades and achieving them also does not guarantee success, but it is helpful in teaching discipline skills that are useful in all walks of life.

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