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Types of structure (functional, geographic, product, type of customer) Diagrammatic representation of structure (organization charts) Span of control Influencing factors Stakeholders, Business environment, Business type and ownership Different aims Private sector aims (breakable, survival, profit mastication, growth) Public sector aims (service provision, cost limitation, value for money) Meeting government standards, growth of range of provision) Task 1. 1 Scenario You work as a journalist at a local newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on local businesses.

You will need to visit two local businesses in order to array out your research.

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Writing assignment high school
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You should prepare an article aimed at the readership of your local newspaper. The introduction to your article should include: a brief introduction to the two local businesses one business should be profit-making, e. G. Marks & Spencer; one business should be not-for-profit, e. G. Your school or college your two businesses should vary in size a description of the types of your businesses EAI description of the purpose of your businesses, including the aims and objectives of your organizations a description of the ownership of your businesses.

This should include an accurate, but not necessarily detailed, statement as to the extent of owners’ liability for debts. Task 1. 2 You should continue to develop the article you started in Task 1. 1 with: a description of the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of your two different organizations an explanation of the viewpoints of different stakeholders and how these seek to influence the aims and objectives of your business organizations an evaluation of the influence of different stakeholders on one of your two organizations a priority ranking of the stakeholders of your organization, e. 1 = most important, 5 is least important a statement about the importance of each stakeholder and why you believe this to be the case. Your opinions should be supported by evidence from different sources. For each piece of evidence state how reliable you think it is and why. Task 1. 3 You should continue to develop the article you started in Tasks 1. 1 and 1. 2 with: a diagrammatic representation of the structure of your two different organizations. This should include the functional areas and span of control of your businesses an explanation of how the style of organization helps your two genuineness fulfill their purposes.

Include the following information about your two organizations: mission and values strategic aims and objectives ‘strategic planning process use of SMART objectives. Access to information will be a key issue here. Information from your school or college should be accessible, and an interview or presentation might be arranged from a governor or member of senior management. Larger organizations, such as Marks & Spencer, should have information available on the Internet and may provide a guest speaker for your school or college.

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