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Young Middle Adulthood

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies
Miranda Mace
March 29, 2015
Marcy Stern
Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies
Chicago is a highly urbanized area with an alarming crime rates. The city is made up of many cultures and respectful races. Chicago has its well to do communities where crime may not be much of a factor, and it also holds, the not so well to do communities.
In the case-study of Jackson a 25 year old, male from Chicago whom was placed into rehab due to several arrest in the past for possession of a controlled substance.

These charges don’t scream drug abuse, as they can mean that Jackson may be a dealer and using the drug abuse card to avoid more serious charges of trafficking. Conversing with friends in high crime areas teach criminals how to become better criminals when it’s time to face the courts. They learn from other offenders how to use the legal system.
Jackson grew up without the involvement of his father.

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Young Middle Adulthood
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His mother (Tina) was twenty years old when she gave birth to Jackson. Being that Tina was a young mother trying to raise a young male into and adult without the full attention of his father present had to be a challenge? Tina possesses good values as a person and may have tried everything to assist her son Jackson on the road to healthy and wise living practices. The mother (Tina) also has a partner name Michael that tried to be a father figure. This bring to my attention that many young to middle age adults are very localized to the crimes that are being committed in their communities on a daily basis. Allowing yourself to become comfortable with the crimes committed against a community, may as well mean that your heart has become as hard as the criminals and you are now prone to committing crimes yourself. The nosey neighbor that is always snooping around and peeking out windows are the best neighbors to have, if you asked me but they are hated by the offenders of the communities.
Jackson is now…

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