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The Smooth Transition Into Adulthood

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In this research study it will be proven that in order to hold a smooth passage to maturity. the completion of developmental undertakings must happen. This is a phase when parents and kids must divide one another so that immature grownups can accept emotional duty for themselves.

Without the co-operation of both the parents and immature grownup the success of this passage can be long drawn and less effectual.Harmonizing to the Family Life-Cycle Theory three developmental undertakings must be mastered for this to go on.

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The Smooth Transition Into Adulthood
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These undertakings detail that; immature grownups must organize an individuality offprint from that of the household of beginning immature grownups must develop new confidant relationship with equals outside the household and in conclusion immature grownups must do their first probationary committedness to a calling or workplace function. With the co-operation of the immature adult’s parent’s state of affairss such as ; parents going excessively attached to their kids and parents going excessively involved with a child’s life can easy be avoided.

If a parent becomes excessively to a great extent attached to their kid. the success of the immature adult’s passage into maturity is jeopardized. This type of behavior causes negative effects on both the parent and kid as the parent will hold a much harder clip holding to allow their kid go at one point. this making more emotional hurting for the parent subsequently on ( Holloway.

2002 ).For the kid this type of affiliated behaviour robs them of their poetical freedom. Keeping the immature grownup back from finishing the Family Life Cycle passage stages of detecting a separate individuality from their parents and developing new intimate relationships ( Holloway. 2002 ) .

Making new and different confidant relationships is an exciting portion of going an grownup. At this clip in life people begin to larn what they are looking and anticipating out of a possible spouse ( Holloway. 2002 ) . The intervention of a parent when taking a mate limits the immature adult’s picks when seeking for a mate curtailing their options of researching and detecting for what they are looking for in a mate ( Holloway.

2002 ) . A parent’s engagement within confidant relationship hinders the immature grownup smooth passage into maturity as they can no longer to the full finish the 2nd phase in the Family Life-Cycle Theory of doing new intimate relationships outside of the household.In decision going an grownup is a big measure in any immature individuals life. The co-operation and support of parents and defenders is really of import in guaranting a smooth passage into maturity for the immature grownup.

Yet it is imperative that parents allow their kids to get down to develop on their ain. making a new self-identity. developing intimate relationships and doing their first committedness to a occupation on their ain.

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