4 Kinds of Healing

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Explain the four kinds of healing performed by Jesus.

The four kinds or healing Jesus performed were physical healing, spiritual healing, resurrection, and moral healing. Physical healing was when Jesus healed people who suffered from physical illnesses. Examples of this kind of healing are blindness, uncontrollable bleeding, and leprosy. These kinds of healings were called miracles, exceptions to the normal course of ordinary events. Jesus made a special effort to reach out to lepers, people often neglected and scorned in his society. Through physical healings, Jesus demonstrated enormous power over nature and illness. The second kind of healing, spiritual healing was when Jesus healed people who had mental illness. These people are described to have an “unclean spirit.” One of the most known spiritual healing is the healing of the man from Gerasa. There was a naked man that was very strong and attacked people without cause. He may have been possessed or psychotic, no one really knows, but they do know that Jesus healed this man. Resurrection was when Jesus brought people who had died back to life. Moral healing was when Jesus healed people’s character.

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What are two reasons why the historical approach is valuable?

There are two reasons why the historical approach of Jesus is valuable. First of all historical evidence shows us Jesus valued all people equally, rather they neither rich nor poor. Jesus didn’t look at the person on the outside he looks at each person’s heart with compassion and offered healing and goodness to all. Secondly it emphasizes that Jesus was valued was fully human, subject to the demands, temptations, and frustrations we all feel. There is a debate over many theories concerning historical Jesus between scholars but ultimately; our faith is Jesus does not rest on historical evidence.

What does living in the kingdom mean?

Living in the kingdom means living a life centered on love of God and love of others. The kingdom is a spiritual, interior quality of life in relation to God that is available now, here, in this life on earth. In this kingdom, people experience God as their common ruler, and treat others as fellow subjects of their heavenly king. The living Kingdom is the second dimension of the Kingdom. The living kingdom of God only occurs in an individual who recognizes God as a real king and experiences him or herself as a child in that kingdom. The easiest way to live in the kingdom is just by following the greatest two commandments; love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Therefore, living in the kingdom means loving God and serving others in loving ways.

Why does our faith not rest on the historical approach?

Our faith doesn’t rest on the historical Jesus because our faith is based on events that cannot be proven. History doesn’t tell that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. However, the historical account shows that Jesus was truly human, subject to the demands, temptations and frustrations we all feel. This only proves that Jesus was human and without the Jesus of Faith the Catholic Church would not exist. But as Catholic Christians, our faith includes the testimony of Church tradition, that is that Jesus is the Lord of humanity, the Son of God, who existed from the beginning of time, became human, died for our sins and rose again. These points cannot be proved historically. They are verified in the experience of Christians who open their hearts to Jesus’ healing presence.

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