50t/Day Maize Flour Milling Machine Easy to Operate Essay

Do you need a 50 T/Day Maize Flour Milling Machine? It is easy to operate and has good quality. Win Tone now selling this kind of machine hot.Win Tone is a large manufacturer of the different kinds flour milling machine, and it establish in 1995, and located in Henan, China. It has more than 30 engineers, and have professional worker terms.The 50t/day maize flour milling machine has the newest technical. This technical process has the following economic and technical index: if it mills one grade, total flour extraction rate is 75%, cumulative ash content is 0.

53~0.62%; if it mills two grades, the extraction rate of grade 1 is 45%, its ash content is 0.45~0.55; the extraction rate of grade 2 is 30% and its ash content is 0.65~0.73%. The above mentioned ash content is calculated on dry basis. For normal milling, the power consumption per ton flour is not higher than 65kW•h. In consideration of environment protection requirements, it’s suggested that dry cleaning method which is usually adopted by Europe be used for wheat cleaning process and meanwhile intensive dampener with computer feedback device be used to reach the moisture suitable for milling.

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50t/Day Maize Flour Milling Machine Easy to Operate
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The process includes two sievings, two scourings, one de-stoning, two dampenings, three magnetic separatings and multiple air suctions before the clean wheat enters break system. This is to ensure wheat purity. All the equipment is fully enclosed.II. Equipment part of the 50 t/day maize flour milling machine:1. Client is responsible for civil engineering and foundation and needs to prepare water, 3-phase electricity, crane and forklift for loading and unloading equipment, welding machine, cutting machine, 8-10 installation workers with fluent English ability. We will provide 1 installation engineer and 3 technicians. We’ll also provide necessary installation tools and materials.2. The quotation includes the complete set of main equipment, auxiliary equipment, cables/wires and pipeline, etc; but we…

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