Sunflower Oil Refining Machine Oil Mill Machinery from China

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Our factory is specialized in crude Edible Oil Refining Machine. We can provide cooking oil refining machine from 1 ton to 600 tons. The popular capacity is mini crude oil refinery from 1-2tons, small scale oil refinery from 5-20 tons and other oil refinery from 20-600 tons.
Our Sunflower Oil Refining Machine makes the oil pure, edible, more palatable and stable against rancidity upon storage. Our neutralizers are equipped with coils provided for efficient heating of the oil along with stirrers inside it. The bleaching section consists of high quality vacuum bleacher which removes all the impurities. And the continuous type well designed tray type multi-stage deodorizer vessel is robustly constructed to give the excellent refining results.
The refinery methods:

Chemical refining
2. Physical refining
3. Chemical-physical refiningMain Characteristics of Sunflower Oil Refinery Equipment 1-200t/D :
1. High output
2. Simple using
3. Low investment

Low energy consumption
5. Good fineness
6. High quality
7. Providing good after-sales service

Meeting to the standards of national oil requirements
9. It is not impurity.For refining the sunflower oil, there are three basic processes in the refinery. First process is neutralizing the oil in the neutralizer to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) by adding caustic soda. Oil is heated up to about 60°C by thermic fluid coils and oil is stirred by stirrer. Then soap stock formed due to chemical reaction is allowed to settle at the bottom of the neutralizer from where it is taken out into soap pan.Neutralized oil is drawn into the second vessel called bleacher where color of oil is removed by bleaching process with aid of chemicals such as carbon black and bleaching earth. Oil is generally heated up to 110°C by thermic fluid coils.

Stirring is also continued. Bleaching process is done under vacuum.Bleached oil then goes to the filter press where bleaching earth and chemicals are separated…

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