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Essay on industrial revolution

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It brought new ways to do things such as farming, spinning and weaving new clothes, transportation and metal manufacturing. Most machines were changed for the better but most of all the spinning machine as they have had a great impact on the world at that time. The Water Frame(invented in 1 769), the Spinning Jenny(invented in 1 764), the Spinning Mule (combination of the Water Frame and the Spinning Jenny, invented in 1779) and the power loom(first self-powered spinning machine, invented in 1784) were all new technologies invented at the beginning or during the industrial revolution.

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Essay on industrial revolution
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These machines were used for spinning, weaving and creating clothing. The machines made life extremely easy for factory workers as they could spin up to seven times the amount of cotton per day. These made life better by reducing the number of injuries and deaths in factories during the Industrial Revolution. There were many effects of the Industrial Revolution. Some of the short effects include increased demand for cotton and also coal.

This new cotton emend led to the invention of spinning machines like the spinning mule, then eventually the first self-powered spinning machine, the power loom.

The long term effects of these machines are that the new spinning machines led to the machines used today. Today’s spinning machines are not actually that different from the machines back then, except that they now run on electricity and instead of seven looms working at once there are up to 20,000 working at once. The Industrial Revolution brought great technological advances to the new world. These machines include the steam engine, cars and spinning canines.

The spinning machines could be seen as revolutionary as they have led to the mass production of textiles. Without these machines we would not have the ease of access to clothes, towels, blankets etc that we do today. The Industrial revolution has impacted everyone’s life for the better there were new inventions such as the Spinning Jenny, the Spinning Mule and the power loom. These machines made life easier for people in that time. These machines were also an important part of the world during these times and are now known as revolutionary.

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