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A Bullied Girl and Her Robot

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It’s a normal weekend for all the kids in a small town. Children are playing happily outside together with their friends but not for a girl who always stays at home. She’s very shy to make friends that resulted for her to get bullied by the other children in their street. “Sydney, it is a beautiful day why don’t you go outside and make some friends? ” Sydney’s mother asked her while they eat their breakfast. But Sydney keep quiet for a while and said, “I like to read books.

Her mother trying to understand her daughter’s situation and supporting her saying, “Well, if that’s what makes you happy I’m fine with it but sometimes you need to go outside and play with the other children. ” Sydney answered, “But I go outside sometimes and I like reading books in my room. ” After eating Sydney went to her room upstairs. One afternoon Sydney went outside to buy some food at a near convenience store.

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While walking to the store she bumped to a boy her age in front of the store and she dropped her purse.

The boy tried to pick the purse and hand it to her but Sydney pick it up quickly and run into the store thinking another bully found her. And the boy just stared at her while she run away and later walked away. After buying some food Sydney was walking home when she saw a group a children playing at the playground. She looked lonely seeing happy kids of her age. She thought, “How does it feel to have friends and to play around? ” while in a moment of a bit sadness a group of bully boys came near her and bumped to her intentionally so she dropped her bag of food.

She tried to apologize, “I’m sorry…” but one boy shouted at her, “You were on the way! ” the boys picked up the bag she dropped and they made her chase them for her to get her food back. Sydney pleaded while running after the boys, “please give it back. ” But the boys just kept running while teasing her, “You want it, go get it! ” And they throw the bag away and run away. Sydney looking at the bag of food she should bring home cried thinking she doesn’t need friends.

That night in her room, sitting on her study table she thought deeply of having friends but at the same time afraid of getting bullied again. Just then she heard two siblings having a little fight over a little robot toy while walking outside their house. She peeked to see what the noise was. She thought that even siblings bullied the other. Just when she was about to go back to her desk she heard that the older boy told her younger sister something that struck Sydney, “this is my own robot, go find your doll…this is my FRIEND! ” said the boy. Sydney stopped and came up with n idea of creating her own robot that will become her friend. “That’s it! I have to make my own friend”, Sydney thought. She spent the night designing and studying on her robot. The following day, right after her classes she went to search in their library about robots. She even collects parts she knew she can make use of. One day while she was busy collecting useful parts for her robot, she bumped into the group of bullies that threw her food. And as usual they bullied her by getting whatever robot part Sydney got and they made her chase them.

Sydney ending up crying said to herself, “I will do everything to make my robot move so that she could be my friend, we would play and be happy…” Weeks and months after collecting the parts she found and assembling her robot, finally the day Sydney long waited came, but there was small problem. Even though she finished her robot she still needs a memory for her robot. “Now all I need is a memory device for my robot and I can have a friend, my very own friend. ” Sydney said. After school she was walking behind two middle high school students. While walking the two girls on front of her throw something at the grass.

She overheard one of them saying, “Are you sure you won’t need that anymore? ” The other one replied, “yes, it’s just an extra memory chip…I don’t even know what’s the use of the sort of timer on it. ” Sydney hid and waited for the two upperclassmen to left. When no one was around she went near the area where the two girls throw the chip and looked for it. Sydney found it with a smile on her face. Hurriedly she went home. She ran to her room and quickly installed the memory chip on her robot and finalized some designs. The next morning Sydney went downstairs to eat her breakfast and she told her mother her robot friend. Mom, I made my own robot that will be my friend. All I have to do is to activate her later. ” Sydney proudly told her mother. Her mother smiled to her and said, “I knew you can make it since you’re father is a scientist. ” But somewhat her mother is worried of her having a robot friend, she thought, “real friends are still better than mechanical…I hope she grew happy. ” Right after breakfast Sydney took her robot and activated it. A few seconds her robot started to move, it looked at her and Sydney hugged it with joy. She said, “Hi Chibi! I’m Sydney! Will you be my friend? Chibi being a robot doesn’t know how to response and so Sydney took the responsibility to teach Chibi like a real human, she taught Chibi things and behavior of real human, even how to communicate. Weeks passed, Sydney felt comfortable having Chibi, and she even went to parks, playgrounds, and stores together with Chibi. One time Sydney lost sight of Chibi while they were in a festival, she kept on searching and she bumped into the bullies she hated. She tried to run but they caught her trying to get her allowance from her when they were about to hurt Sydney, Chibi came to stop the bullies and protect Sydney.

Chibi showed Sydney a pair of necklaces. Chibi handed Sydney one of the necklaces and said, “You told me that friends give something to one another. Please accept this, that’s what I want to give you. ” Sydney asked, “You purposely left me to look for these? ” Chibi nodded. Chibi said, “I don’t know how it’s like to actually have a feeling but I just got the urge to give you something so that you will remember me always. ” “Don’t worry, I will always remember you besides we’re friends forever…that’s a promise. ” said Sydney. They both promised to each other that they will stay friends forever.

The festival was over and they both have gone home. Sydney was humming a song while walking home with Chibi happily. The next morning, Sydney woke up, “Chibi! Good morning! Huh? Where could she be? ” Thinking Chibi is up to some surprise Sydney just went downstairs and ate her breakfast. Sydney’s mom asked her, “where is Chibi? Are you not going to school with her? ” Sydney answered, “She’s probably up to some surprise just like last night at the festival she gave me a necklace as our sign of friendship that will lasts forever. ” Sydney went to the door waving goodbye to her mom, “I will be going mom! Sydney’s mother answered, “have a nice day and be home with Chibi. ” At the school Sydney can’t find Chibi anywhere, “where is she? ”

Sydney started to wonder where Chibi could be. There she bumped into the same boy he bumped into at the store. Sydney didn’t realize the boy but the boy realized Sydney. The little boy helped Sydney, “are you okay? ” Sydney nodded still shy and trying to go away from the boy but she was stopped when she heard the boy’s question, “Where’s your robot? ” the boy asked. Sydney answered timidly, “I’m looking for her…and she’s not just a robot, she’s my friend. The boy introduced himself to Sydney, “by the way, my name’s Dylan, you’re Sydney right? ” Sydney was amazed that Dylan knew her name. Sydney asked Dylan, “You knew my name? ” Dylan answered, “of course! You’re like the smartest girl around here who can make your own robot! ” Sydney was kind of pissed when Dylan sees Chibi as just a robot, “I told you she’s my friend, Chibi is not just any robot…” Dylan immediately apologized, “oh, right, sorry about that. Where is she anyway? I always see you and her together. ” Dylan accompanied Sydney in searching for Chibi inside their school.

At the end of their search they found nothing. Sydney decided to call it a day, “Maybe she’s home already, thanks for your help, Dylan. ” Sydney told Dylan. Dylan smiled and nodded. On Sydney’s way going home she saw Chibi sitting on the grass, not moving, Chibi was somewhat deactivated. Sydney carried Chibi home to fix her but she found some difficulties in reactivating Chibi. Sydney fell asleep while fixing Chibi. The next morning Sydney needed to leave Chibi at home to attend her classes. Sydney waved goodbye to Chibi, “see you later Chibi, I’ll be home right after classes so that I could fix you. Sydney went to school. While walking to school Dylan walked with her and greeted her but Sydney barely smiled at him. “What’s wrong Sydney? ” Dylan asked. Sydney still timid did not answer but just quietly walked with Dylan to school. They walk to their rooms separately. After classes Dylan went to Sydney’s room but couldn’t find her. Dylan saw some of her classmates and asked them where was Sydney, “Where’s Sydney? ” But the girls meanly answered him, “Why look for her? She’s probably doing some research on her freakish robot…” Dylan did not like their answers so he went to the library thinking Sydney might be there.

And Sydney was there. “Hey! What are you researching for? ” Sydney replied, “Robot stuffs. ” Sydney told Dylan what happened to Chibi, “Chibi somewhat deactivated, I don’t have any idea how to reactivate her…” Dylan smiled and started grabbing books, searching for something that might help Sydney. The day end and both walked home and somewhat Sydney felt comfortable little by little with Dylan. Sydney said, “I never had a real human friend before…” Dylan smiled and told Sydney, “Well, we’re friends from now on so you can count on me anytime. ” And they waved goodbyes to each other as they separate ways.

The next day, Dylan and Sydney met at the library and keep researching on what they could find to help reactivate Chibi. On their way home, Sydney told Dylan she would like to go ahead to check on Chibi, Sydney said, “I will go ahead to check what I can do on Chibi, see you tomorrow! ” Dylan waved his hands to Sydney as a goodbye. On Sydney’s way home she met the group of bullies wandering around looking for someone to bully. Sydney tried to get away as quickly as she can but they already spotted her and they ran towards her. Sydney got tired and she climbed a big trash bin, she was so afraid that she cried.

Then later she heard nothing but silence, no one was on sight but she saw a boy figure, it was Dylan. “You’re safe now! ” Dylan told Sydney. Sydney smiled to Dylan and thanked him. “Thank you Dylan. Chibi used to defend me from them but now…she’s gone. ” Sydney said. Both of them went home. Weeks passed, Dylan and Sydney became close to each other trying to figure out how to reactivate Chibi. It even came to a point that somehow Sydney has forgotten Chibi. Graduation came, Sydney was the Valedictorian and to her surprise Dylan was the Salutatorian. “Congratulations Dylan! You never told me you’re that smart. Sydney greeted Dylan. Dylan just smiled at her and said, “It’s because I was inspired by a particular person, I aimed for this award. ” Both of them attended the ceremony and gave their own speeches. After the ceremony Dylan told Sydney he will be studying in London for his high school.

“Sydney, I might not be studying in this town for my high school but I promise to visit you whenever I can…” before Dylan could finish his words Sydney raised her pinky finger for them to keep their promises. As Dylan crossed his pinky to Sydney’s Sydney also promised, “I will make real friends and I won’t be a crybaby anymore, I’ll be stronger. Both made their promises to each other. As time flies, Dylan studied robots and machines, still trying to figure how to fix Chibi (he even became the president of his school’s robotics team) while Sydney kept Chibi in her room and she became their school’s president. One day as Sydney went home, she found out no one was home she searched her house but her mom was nowhere in sight. Then upstairs she heard some noise, a familiar voice coming from her room. She opened the door and she saw her longing to see friend.

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