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I Robot and Fahrenheit 451

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Displaying similar themes of the book Fahrenheit 451, the movie I, Robot supports the themes of: Independent thought and intellectual freedom, and the control of technology. The themes are presented because I, Robot and Fahrenheit 451’s settings are related and set in a similar era. In the movie, a unique robot, named sunny, is able to behave differently, unlike other robots, Sunny contains the ability to think and draw conclusions on his own terms.

In addition an artificial intelligence, named VIKI, is able to evolve and determine its own decisions.

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I Robot and Fahrenheit 451
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This supports the theme of independent thought and intellectual freedom because Sunny and VIKI are able to think autonomously and affect their civilization. Their ability of intellectual freedom and independent thought yield changes to society such as the characters of Fahrenheit 451: Clarisse, Faber, Beaty, and Montag.VIKI is cunningly capable of alternating the thoughts of other robots in her control as when Faber and Clarisse influence Montag to think independently.

All of the characters ability to think independently helps them comprehend thoughts without restriction and understand more.

In I, Robot the society has grown dependent on the robots, whose duty is to serve and protect human beings. Coinciding with Fahrenheit 451, the rapid advance of technology causes machinery to be able to control humans and compels people to be more vulnerable to technology.In the book, the “Hound” is the robotic dog who seems to be more of an authority over the firemen than something that aids them, spying and killing those who understand the control and censorship of the government.

Correlating with I, Robot VIKI is able to advance by itself and utilize all the other robots to control humans. These outcomes become a reality because humanity in both has depended too much on technology and have allowed it to takeover.

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