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A Case Study On Telenor Group Pakistan

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    The vision of Telenor is easy: “ We are here to assist ” We are here to assist our clients obtain the maximal advantage of communications services in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. The reply to accomplish this vision is a province of head where all of us work side by side. Whilst guaranting it easy and simple to purchase & A ; utilize our services. We make certain that we maintain our promises remaining reverent of disparity. We Inspire public to detect new ways.

    Chapter 1

    Telenor Group

    Telenor is a planetary provider of superior information & A ; medium communication service. Telenor is ranked at no. 7 in footings of figure of clients holding more than 160MA clients.

    Group in Pakistan

    Telenor Group is the lone proprietor of Telenor Pakistan which is an international contents and communicating services, voice and informations supplier of high in 14 market places across Europe and Asia.

    With over 1.79 Million Mobile users ( Q1 2010 ) and about 40,000 employees the Telenor bunch is among the biggest nomadic operators around the Earth.

    With a monolithic investing of above 2 billion US $ Telenor PK is the state ‘s biggest EU capitalist. Telenor Pakistan got a GSM licence in the Year 2004 it started its concern activities on 15th March, 2005.

    A study that was published in the terminal of May this twelvemonth Telenor endorsers are more than 23.5 Million. It besides holds the 24 per centum of the market claiming the 2nd largest Mobile operator. Currently Telenor in Pakistan has developed itself to go the top Mobile service provide.

    The headquarter of Telenor Pakistan is in Islamabad, it has many regional officers in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Hyderabad.

    Define Valuess

    Valuess are qualities, rules, attitudes or beliefs about the built-in worth of an object, behaviour or thought. Values guide action by approving certain behaviours and contradicting others. Valuess and beliefs are indispensable factors in design and execution of nursing intercessions ( Guttman, 2000 )


    The nucleus values of Telenor Pakistan are as followerss:

    Keep the Promises

    At Telenor keep the promises means that whatever the program they chose it should work, nevertheless if it does n’t works, they are ever here to help. Telenor believes in presenting whatever they have promised so they believe in making alternatively merely expressions. They ever fulfil what they say.

    Make it Easy

    Telenor do non do things hard. They are really practical and they try their best that whatever they do should be simple and should be really easy to understand. As they say that they ne’er forget that they are doing the client ‘s life easier.

    Be Respectful

    At Telenor they admit and value local civilizations. They do non oblige one expression

    all over the worldwide. They wish to be a portion of local vicinity anyplace they operate.

    At Telenor they deem faithfulness has to be earned.

    Be Inspiring

    At Telenor they are inspired they struggle to convey animation to the things they do. They try that everything they deliver should look good, up to day of the month and fresh. At Telenor they are obsessional sing their concern and clients.

    Strategic capablenesss of Telenor Pakistan

    Telenor Pakistan has got outstanding tactical capacities in conditions of supply available, self-motivated competency is making good in geting the tactical ability.

    Resource Based Strategy

    Telenor Pakistan has got a mixture of foundations such as the forks of Telenor Pakistan are broadened countrywide. These forks are fitted by agencies of infrastructures rendered for efficient working of the system. In add-on to this equal service is present for the clients and the employees of the Company. Raw material such as broach and intersection brochures is planned. Since Telenor is based on good service HR is chief plus for it.

    Resource in Nature & A ; Capabilities

    To carry the minimal demands of the clients Telenor Pakistan had adequate Threshold Capital and at that place by corsets on top in the market. Thankss to its first-class services like crystal clear voice quality, best response in rural, urban and suburban countries i.e. across the state, odd call rates and naming bundles Telenor Pakistan has gained aggressive betterments luging up the worth hence endearing the chief aptitude versus its challengers like Mobilink GSM and Ufone.

    With their proficiency and expertness Telenor Pakistan has gained ‘Core competence in aiming the clients & A ; delight them with great services for the money.

    Vibrant ability of the Company

    Telenor Pakistan showed its dynamic ability by presenting its new bundles suited for people from different sections, like for pupils, professionals and business communities it has introduced different contract bundles at different monetary value programs.

    Telenor Pakistan ‘s dynamic attack have a impression named detecting that ‘s a uninterrupted achievement process of executings which are ad hoc as a consequence of past apprehensions and happening it among fresh enlargements in order to turn rapidly.

    Development of Planned Competence

    Telenor retained recognizing the client ‘s status about the quality of service with the alteration in environment and market construction. Through a tactical attack Telenor Pakistan has enhanced its work procedure every bit good as formulated its potency in an efficient design to accomplish tactical benefits over its rivals.

    Organizational Learning

    To carry the endowment beneath ordinary society to acquire a common aim Telenor Pakistan gives facts and figures of experience, know-how, services and processs.

    Awareness Developing

    At Telenor Pakistan every employee is trained to acknowledge their responsibilities and undertakings by working adjustment in an thought of attack.

    Chapter 2

    Attracting, recruiting and selecting endowment

    Procedure for Recruitment and Selection

    Telenor Pakistan has belief in uncovering the hidden human gifts with doing proficiency & A ; by leting an energetic ambiance. Their program is to detect new aptitude and supply it by agencies of the competence that is necessary in market.

    The Career Management Workshop ( CMW ) of Telenor Pakistan is another attempt to learn scholars in fixing an improved course of study and expeditiously showing themselves in interviews. Hence Telenor Pakistan is giving them a breach in an incorporated domain. The enlisting panel assesses the appliers on the footing of a skill theoretical account to use the most first-class. The procedure of enrolling in Telenor Pakistan consists of following parts:

    Hiring channel

    The enlisting procedure is: advertizement for occupation vacancy, C.V Gathering, runing for endowment, wide-ranging testicles, ranking harmonizing to interview points etc.

    Cronhach, 2005 “ A trial is a systematic process for comparing the behavior of two or more individuals. ”

    ( Ved Prakash ( 2005 ) A enchiridion of Human Resource Management 2005 )

    The procedure of enlisting takes about 8 hebdomads in front of traveling for any topographic point, it ‘s really of import for the alumnas to measure their ego and acknowledge their concerns, their strengths that they might wish to detect, short the campaigners should hold really stiff logic of their calling path.

    Whenever an applicant arrives for interview it is robustly suggested to reconsider and be capable of give ground for all they have stated on their course of study.

    Telenor Pakistan believes in equal chance. At Telenor they have really diverse aptitude working for them that besides include “ Persons with Disabilities ” ( PWDs ) . The salary bundles at Telenor Pakistan are really competitory and Telenor has the finest screen program for its workers as comparison to its rivals.

    It gives laptops, Telenor SIM card and a Mobile phone to all its housemans. it besides provides transit intended for females.

    In add-on to do their internship a superior acquisition class, they are given undertakings that they have to subject before their internship ends. The standard for short naming a campaigner is non merely their GPA but Telenor besides we look for attack and hire for accomplishments. Its internship plan caters pupils who are at present analyzing but non the calibrated batches.

    HR Strategy of Telenor Pakistan


    The schemes of Telenor construct it ethnically well-matched to the HR of diverse states wherever it has set up its concern. These schemes are as following

    General Set-Up

    At Telenor all the employees are given great regard where the director shingles manus with the cleansing agent. At Telenor Pakistan the Chief Executive Officers, Voice Presidents, Film managers, Pull offing managers, Administrators and Officers all portion the same workspace and the same favor. Absence of physical splitters translates into reduced communicating barriers. In concurrency with the exercising of Emperor Jahaangir ( late ) that used to hear the entreaties of his subsidiaries whoever has any complaint a bell with a concatenation on the chief room access has been placed of offices as cultural symbol in Pakistani Telenor offices. It is for the thought that anyone who finds himself gratified with Telenor services can pealing the bell.


    Telenor believes in equal chance and keep “ autonomy of visual aspect ” . Using rule in the company is indistinguishable all through the universe. As in different states the cognition, abilities and accomplishments of people are different therefore Telenor adopts different recruitment precedences. Talking the illustration of Pakistan we see that the university degree instruction is cheaper compared to EU states. Furthermore Pakistan is blessed with a clump of unmarried mans & A ; post-alumni pupils ; as a consequence better skilled & amp ; educated persons are employed. Telenor has largely graduates in occupations in Europe.

    As creativeness and brightness is critical by service sector which is more often found in Asiatic states Telenor prefers to engage immature and adept persons over elderly experienced in Asiatic states. The old citizens from the largest continent ( Asia ) live fewer excited and bright. But citizens in EU stay acute and bright for reasonably long clip. Presently about 80 % of staff at Telenor is immature coevals.


    In European Telenor apparatuss developing system is much energetic. Telenor is non transporting out best preparation in Asia because less gross is generated in the markets. Particularly in Pakistan preparation is invariably neglected by everyone. Nevertheless Telenor for its employees continues carry oning 1 twenty-four hours training during their calling with it.

    Job Duties

    Equal and unvarying schemes are carried out everyplace in Telenor. The demands of the responsibilities are same at and Telenor offers flexible work hours to its employees in its client ‘s service call Centres. Everyone is remunerated on good public presentation in fiscal units every bit good as recognition and applaud. Its wages system is same everyplace.

    Up to Rs.1, 000,000 medical insurance for ego and household is provided for free to all employees. Telenor opts to maintain new and vigorous Sworkers because there are more wellness jobs in aged in Asiatic states. Alternatively of pension programs Telenor provides provident financess.

    Chapter 3

    Culture and its effects on employees

    Culture or civilisation is the characteristic of moving & A ; swearing that a set of public in a state or in an administration have developed by the transition of clip and part.

    Civilized Competence

    Telenor gives value to the society of company bases in Pakistan by holding the policy to endow complete Hajj bundle for two employees every twelvemonth it besides arranges AFTAR for its staff in Ramadan. Telenor Pakistan promotes a smart insouciant frock codification, authorising its employees with the right to take whatever they feel comfy with. Still in inter-state cultural divergencies, for case in Telenor Quetta it is refering where workers are non required to dress in suits. They put on TUNIC AND PREACHES

    Strategic Human Resource Planning

    Human existences are the critical resource for acquiring a rival benefit in market place for the bulk of the organisations and Telenor Pakistan is one among them. The finest Human Resource section construction gives Telenor a competitory border in Pakistan. Human Resource planning adverts to demand HR pull offing workss which an administration follows to achieve its purposes. We will see how these schemes are formulated and applied at Telenor Pakistan.

    In Telenor Pakistan the HR procedure is done in conformity with its mission. The first measure that HR contrivers do is rife the civilization of Telenor. The do the SWOT analysis of the company and the current market and so on footing of SWOT the Telenor strategic program is established. With the overall company ‘s strategic program HR schemes are formulated at the terminal.

    Chapter 4


    Recruitment Procedure

    All companies in the Telenor Group manage their ain enlisting and choice. Telenor Pakistan believes that a gifted and loyal work force plays a important function in the organisation ‘s on-going concern success. Telenor is really acute to engage really skilled forces ‘s. This is why enrolling procedure is really meaningful for the HR section of Telenor. Telenor provides equal chance opportunities to everyone. Recruitment procedure of Telenor is indifferent.


    The work life balance means that doing a balance between your work life and your place life. There could be many grounds of altering in working pattern of an administration. Following are few factors responsible for alterations in working patterns over recent times.







    How Telenor helps the work life balance

    Telenor helps its employees to maintain a vigorous balance between their personal and professional lives. Telenor Pakistan have enables most of its employees to work virtually from distant locations by its IT systems and tools. For merriment, employees at cardinal locations enjoy working out at the gym, playing picture games, pool, and regular leisure and athleticss activities, such as cricket lucifers and escapade trips. There are away-days where employees go out off from their offices, to bond and work in a fun manner.

    Making an ideal work environment

    We support a work environment characterized by high job-satisfaction, chances for personal and professional development, and low rate of medical leave and hurts.

    Health, Safety and Working Environment Management System

    Telenor Safety & A ; Security Department has been recognized at the Group degree for its vigorous public presentation. They identify and cut down work related hazards and advance overall wellbeing at work in add-on they take attention of employee wellness and safety at all times. Our recent safety and security enterprises for employees included consciousness runs on the environment, substance maltreatment, allergic reactions, foremost assistance, fire safety and survey related to relation between workers and their environments.


    Management at Telenor Pakistan

    Stress with all employees at work takes topographic point in every competitory market, no affair if it is little or it ‘s large. The program should to pull off it non to extinguish it. Worldwide many companies have program and qualified staff, enthusiastic sections to assist workers cover with work-related emphasis.

    Telenor Pakistan has a qualified squad of physicians who work with work force to assist command their force per unit area every bit good as an in-house counselor. I you look for adept sentiment you are non ‘going mad ‘ . Telenor Pakistan ensures 100 % privateness during our counselling meetings. Internal Value Creation ( IVC ) plays an of import portion in many of Telenor Pakistan ‘s nucleus organizational development processes. This is chiefly an employee survey accomplished annually to take proposition / advice on how to come on the procedures and occupation environment at Telenor, together with the anxiousness issues. Indication to watch out for: , behavioral, Physical and emotional. If you feel you are experiencing tired or angry or down, it is all right to speak to a counselor. He/ She will simply help you acknowledge the existent evidences of agony and advice stairss to get the better of them.

    For its workers Telenor Pakistan cares really much by giving an unfastened ambiance nevertheless at the topographic point expressed thought suites peculiarly designed to give an flee for divine ideas. Company threshold characteristics periodical wellness guidelines written by in-house physicians for workers.

    Global administrations help their work force to pull off force per unit area by allowing annual foliages, medical screen every bit good as anxiousness direction workshops. Particular programme are planned particularly to halt tenseness at work at Telenor Pakistan

    There are particular categories for workers of yoga after work displacements. Telenor provides domestic leisure services besides Gym installation is provided in the office edifice.

    In order travel for work staff autos are given this installation is particularly for employees with disablement and besides for female workers. Internal athleticss competition, gay events for National Days and Mango Day, etc. are arranged by the societal nine in Telenor Pakistan. To loosen up and watch films a peculiar domestic theater has been provided for Customer Relations ( CR ) . A alone ‘counsel for drivers ‘ is besides in advancement.

    Eventuality planning

    At Telenor Pakistan they have concern unanticipated event process to do certain they are capable to manage outside hazards and force per unit area. Telenor besides offers its workers a 24 by 7 hotline, examined by the Safety and Security squad. Previous twelvemonth Telenor Pakistan put in topographic point a complete concern continuity construction. At present Telenor Pakistan is be aftering a superior catastrophe direction exercising.

    On-site medical attention

    For its employees and female workers Telenor Pakistan provides 24 hours on call place wellness service that is a singular and a alone installation Telenor provides. This is besides its competitory border. Telenor is besides in the procedure of organizing at the topographic point dental check-ups it ‘s besides organizing a inoculation plan.


    Telenor faces a batch of challenges with the of all time increasing demands of HR. It is truly difficult to use and maintain the most first-class campaigners peculiarly across the Earth. The world-wide administrations come across many differences about the cultural singularity of single states. They have to set culturally to the environment of several states. Telenor is brought out to tonss of differences to put to death at their most experts whilst still using the Human Rresource forces for that state.


    After profoundly analyzing the Human resource Department ( HRD ) of Telenor Pakistan, I consent that Telenor Pakistan is transporting out realistic ethnically compatible attack for its HR. Though it ‘s non advancing the “ cultural individuality ” programme that insistently, but even so it is confronting fewer cultural dissensions among its HR. The may be the ground that Telenor is merely runing in two markets that are Asia and Europe. The European market place holds about the indistinguishable civilizations furthermore three ( 3 ) of its Asiatic market states are Muslims. I came through really extraordinary facts refering pull offing any company ‘s Human Resource. I think that pull offing a spirited and civilization friendly Human Resource in a spirited worldwide market is a difficult occupation. However, so far, Telenor Pakistan is rather successful in recruiting and retaining amazingly gifted Human Resource worldwide

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