A Computerized Guidance Monitoring System

Guidance is defined as the process of helping individuals through their own efforts to discover and develop their potentialities both for personal happiness and social usefulness. Students are experiencing dilemmas such as encountering challenges beyond their school careers. In the way that students adapt, change and grow through the process of learning from outcomes and mistakes, guidance counseling must work in a way that it must assess the student’s outcomes in order to better guide them.

The Colegio de San Bartolome De Novaliches first started from Pre-school Department opened in June 1995 with only 12 enrollees at the old site. Due to its remarkable development, Reverend Monsignor Anselmo P. Pamintuan envisioned of putting up the Elementary Department. In June 1996, the Elementary Department started to operate with 250 enrollees. During the mid-year of 1996, the school was housed in the basement of the new church to accommodate all the pupils. In the summer of 1997, a single-floor building with 5 classrooms was built to house the High School Department.

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The School was recognized by the Department of Education in August 2001 to offer both a pre-school and a complete elementary course. Fr. Albert N. Delvo appointed in the year 2003, worked intently which eventually resulted to CSBN’s complete Secondary Course recognized by the government. Rev. Fr. Victor Emmanuel took over both the parish and the school from July 2004 up to the year 2007. It was during his term that a modest office building was added for the administrative needs of the school.

In October of 2009, the CSBN community witnessed the ground breaking construction of a new four-storey building which was inaugurated and blessed on March 8 2010. The new school building was used for the first time during the academic year 2010-2011 Guidance Monitoring System is an advance and computerized method of monitoring and evaluating students’ outcomes. It provides background information of students which is essential for the interpretation of date such as family background, current academic status, etc.

It provides offense status in order for guidance counselors to perform immediate counseling. It also presents a list of achievements. The proponents intend to propose to develop A Computerized Guidance Monitoring System for Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches High School, a system which endeavored for behavior monitoring, offense and achievements tracking as well as medical history recording. 1. 2 Overview of the study The proponents interviewed people who are involved in this institution, finding out that they are still relying on the manual process of filling up offenses slips.

To simulate the process, one example is presented. In an event a student committed a minor or major offense, a teacher has an offense paper which they can jot down the offense committed by the student throughout the day. Meaning, there’s no oath form involved in the process. Then, that paper will be passed to the Prefect of discipline which handles all the activities done inside the school grounds. The prefect will decide, prior to the student handbook, what will be the level of the offense andwill give the sanction appropriate for the offense committed.

The highest level for minor offense is up to 5th level. The possible sanctions that may be given are oral and written warning, disciplinary probation and the heaviest among them is failed mark in department or suspension. On the other hand, major offense has three levels of offense and the possible sanctions are violation report and failure in department, ordinary suspension and the heaviest is the preventive suspension or department failure.

There is also the last category, the very serious offense (e. g. carrying /pushing/using prohibited drugs, hazing), in which the student will be reprimanded depending on the weight of the offense. If in case the particular student is evaluated to be in need of counseling, that is the time he/she will be passed on to the guidance counselor. The guidance counselor has a slip which he/she will fill up some data regarding the student’s behavior and the causes why the student has come to do the offense.

After counseling, the guidance counselor will submit a system-generated form to the parent informing them the performance carried out by the student. Knowing this situation, the system was thought out to be the solution which perform the same operation but in a contemporary and digitized way. 1. 3System Rationale The following will be the beneficiaries of this study: * School To ease the burden working using offense forms, slips and to modernized the manual record keeping. * Administrator

This will also enhance the efficiency of the head persons of the school in the aspect of focusing on the monitoring of the students not being afflicted of the manual process. * Parents/Guardians The parents can have close monitoring of their children. For example, when a student commits an offense, the system will be presented to the parents in a way that they will know the offense committed the level of offense, the countermeasures that will be made and if the sanctions given were effective. * Students

Through this system, the students’behavior would be improved and offense-making would be lessened because of the close monitoring that the system will provide. Students can also have a recorded list of their achievements (e. g. medals from academics, from club participation, competitions won) which is essential in working in professional world. Same effect as of the alumnus will benefit. * Future Researchers This system would serve as a guide to the future proponents to enhance their study in the field of guidance monitoring.

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