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A Day at the Seaside Sample

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One all right sunny Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Lee took their boies. Jacky and Dawn. to a picturesque seaboard to hold a field day. As the seaboard was far off from their place. Mr Lee drove them at that place.

When they arrived at their finish. Jacky and Dawn were excessively impatient to wait. so they took their swimwears and rushed into the altering room to alter. After that. they hopped into the sea. In the interim. their parents laid the mat with fried rice.

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A Day at the Seaside Sample
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two bottles of Sprite. a chocolate bar and some sandwiches. Mr Lee so tuned the wireless to category 21 for his married woman. Meanwhile. Mrs Lee went to purchase a transcript of newspaper for her hubby. While Mr Lee read the newspaper. his married woman listened to the wireless.

After about 20 proceedingss. the two male childs were hungry and went back to the beach to hold some nutrient. They ate the delightful fried rice before eating the sweet cocoa bar and sandwiches which were prepared by Mrs Lee.

Jack liked the gustatory sensation of the bar and sandwiches and asked his female parent. “How delightful! How did you make it? ” Mrs Lee answered. “I used some baking pulverization and some fragrant ingredients. Mr Lee besides joined in praising Mrs Lee for giving them such toothsome nutrient.

After their repast. it was half past six and Mr Lee suggested traveling place. They packed up and were shortly on their manner place. Mrs Lee promised to take them to the beach once more. The kids were happy on hearing that. They are now looking frontward to the following trip.

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