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On-the-job training (OJT) is a requirement for college students to graduate and become professionals. It prepares students to practice their profession and adapt to the standards and attitudes of their industry. During the author’s OJT at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), they learned a lot from every task, including verifying Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) and processing applications for TIN. They also learned to socialize with taxpayers, employees, and co-trainees, be hardworking and responsible, and enhance communication skills. The author acquired different skills and knowledge about their field, which boosted their confidence and gave them a glimpse of what it means to be a professional.

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The On-the-job Training ( OJT ) is one of the demands in order for a pupil to be able to graduate from college and to go a professional. This preparation prepares the pupils to pattern their profession. Therefore. in seting one’s ego and mixing to others one must get by up with the different criterions and attitudes of the people in a peculiar field of industry. It is besides a span to heighten the students’ skills that should be an advantage when they eventually land a occupation. It was the forenoon of April 19. 2012. 7:25 when I started my on-the-job preparation at the Bureau of Internal Revenue ( BIR ) in Hilltop Batangas City. I felt a small spot nervous while waiting for Mrs. Rosena De Castro at the taxpayer service country. She was to orient and assign us to our assigned subdivision. I was assigned at counter 5 as helper to Mr. Allan L. Cabello. I knew it would be different from what I used to make and they would anticipate more as respect my public presentation in carry throughing different undertakings. During my OJT I learned a batch from every undertaking.

Verifying Taxpayer Identification Number ( TIN ) was one of my common undertakings every twenty-four hours. Form1904 and Form1902. although they are both application signifier for TIN. differ from each other since Form1904 is used for Capital Gains. Estate Tax. and Donor’s Tax ; while Form1902 is used by local employee or those taxpayers who received strictly compensation income can. Processing of application for Taxpayers Identification Number ( TIN ) for EO98 ( Executive Order ) are used for reclamations of driver’s license ; open an history at the bank ; and etc. These are supported by other paperss like birth certification ; any valid ID that will demo the applicant’s complete name. birth day of the month and signature ( Driver’s license. IBP ID. Passport ) ; matrimony contract. if married. Sometimes I was instructed to update the taxpayers TIN by the employee. I besides entertained the taxpayers’ concern.

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I spent more than 300 hours on my On the Job Training at the Bureau of Internal Revenue ( BIR ) . There are a batch of things that I will ne’er bury. I had become a portion of the forepart line drives. I learned how to socialise with the taxpayers. employees. and co-trainees. I besides learned to be difficult working. responsible and watchful. Besides I experienced to work under force per unit area. and to heighten my accomplishments in communicating. Being gracious and hardworking gives good feeling to the people around. And maintaining a smiling on my face brings them warmth which I feel when they smile back. I acquired different accomplishments and cognition about the field I am working on. This preparation brought me on a different degree of assurance because here I noticed that my accomplishment had improved. More significantly. a glance. it gave me of what or how I would be as a professional.

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