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In “A Rose for Emily. ” written by William Faulkner. Faulkner uses a batch of symbolism. As in most of Faulkner’s Hagiographas. he generates fictional narratives from the South. This narrative has symbols that are reflected by alterations traveling on around the clip it was published. Slavery. revenue enhancements. matrimony. and decease are some of his cardinal points. An of import symbol in this narrative is Emily’s House. Faulkner lets us merely see Emily’s house from the exterior for most of the narrative. From the descriptions we are given. we can state that the house was built in the late 1800s. To populate in a house like this one right after the Civil War. normally meant the household came from money or was good respected. The storyteller makes it really clear that the location of the house is “an eyesore among eyesores” or in other words. really out of topographic point now surrounded by gas Stationss and garages instead than cotton Fieldss. The fact the house was allowed to disintegrate is a symbol that Emily doesn’t truly desire the house any longer. This is supported by how Emily keeps herself isolated from everything else in the town.

The house is besides a symbol represented by the Black house keeper. We get the thought that Emily’s male parent earned his wealth from either liberating or tuging slaves ( Shmoop ) . The revenue enhancements that the metropolis is seeking to acquire Emily to pay can be seen as a symbol for her father’s decease. In context. the beginning of the 20th century was when adult females chiefly worked around the house and the money for the house was made by working work forces. Faulkner truly does non explicate why Emily got to maintain the house in the will so the revenue enhancements could besides be a symbol of Emily’s father’s control after decease ( Shmoop ) . Marriage is an thought that comes up a batch throughout the narrative. Faulkner made it really clear that Emily is anticipating to acquire married and the townsfolk besides expect Emily to acquire married. During today’s clip. matrimony is non pressured about every bit much. This is truly due to women’s rights ; today adult females can make everything a adult male can make. therefore. adult females can back up themselves financially. morally and they do non hold to be dependent on their hubbies.

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In the beginning of the narrative. Emily is dependent on her male parent and after he died. she started to insulate herself. When her “sweetheart” left Emily. she truly lost all hope. Harmonizing to Faulkner. the townsfolk “hardly saw her at all” . Marriage is a symbol of Emily’s sadness and could be the ground why she secludes herself from the metropolis. Death is symbolized by the usage of calcium hydroxide and arsenic. Lime is used today with dead organic structures to kill the olfactory property doing bacteriums ( Shmoop ) . This is really dry as the neighbours had no thought at that place was a cadaver in the upstairs room and they spread it all around the house because they were tired of the odor. Arsenic is good known for being odourless. colorless. and virtually undetectable by the victim. When Homer Barron told Emily that he liked cats. it made Emily really mad. Faulkner himself says Barron is non a nice cat. In the southern tradition. bad work forces are considered rats. and that what most likely lead to Barron’s decease caused by “rat poison” ( Shmoop ) .


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