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“A Man Who Had No Eyes”

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In this short story “A man who had no eyes” by McKinlay Kantor” In this story the Protagonist is the blind man he goes around trying to gain some sympathy from people, by saying that he was blind and needed some money. He meets a man who gave him some money but the blind man heard some extra money in the man in the suit so he says a story “That he was over powered by another man” but the man in the suit says that he said “The story was the other way around it was he who overpowered him and got away” then the blind man realizes that he was doing something wrong.

“The moral of this story is that injuries never keep you back”.

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In this short story “Lather or Nothing else” by Hernando Tellez the protagonist is the barber he has an internal affair with himself by deciding if he should follow his values he was taught by his parents or his group.

The General in this story tried to prove that this man is a revolutionary and when he tried to provoke the barber to kill him but when he was done shaving the general got up from his chair and said “My army told me that you would kill me it is not easy killing people”. The moral of the story is that not everybody can “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”.

In my life these stories turns out to be helpful there are different types of problem I faced in my life. I will be telling you about one story I have faced in my life. This story is when I was playing hockey I hit one of the players really hard and he got injured the player I hit was my rival team, then at the end of the period my teammates told me to hit the captain of the team I was going to hit him when I realized my mom told me “never hit a person for no reason” that is when I did not hit him because the consequence would have been that I would have gotten a two game suspension and I would have probably injured myself.Therefore in the two short stories and in my life the characters and I have faced internal conflicts because they think of their consequences just like me.

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