A Motivation Statement on Why I Should Be Accepted Into CCOM or ACOM

For the period I have been on the path towards achieving, my career, I have come to know my passion as well as interest lies in the field of medicine. As per its mission statement, CCOM works towards educating osteopathic physicians hence putting them in a position they can provide quality care to patients. Besides the school aims at promoting the practice of osteopathic medicine accompanied by research as well as service. Pursuing medicine is a choice that I have never lived to regret. The zeal that pushed me towards medicine was as a result of a documentary covering various countries in Africa. It was after the strike of Ebola, a killer disease that killed in less or more than 24 hours regardless of the age.

The documentary was my turning point as it revealed the absurdities that the current generation is living in. The Red Cross, as well as the World Health Organization, were bestowed with the power to take care of such people by giving medication. As a result of sluggish strategies to curb the disease a number of people ended up losing their lives. There are more medics in the world right now but fewer health people, more graduates but less sense. There is no point of spending millions of money holding health summits and conferences yet no actions are taken in such disease stricken areas.

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As a result, I as a result of this express my wish to join Chicago College Medicine and pursue Osteopathic Medicine. It feels good to put a smile on a dull face a feeling I had whenever I left the doctors room. While walking in I would feel dizzy and worn out, but just after a little talk and medication, I would feel rejuvenated. Chicago College of Medicine is the epitome of change in terms osteopathic type of treatment hence my string will to join the institution.

Why should ACOM accept you into this year’s class? Inspirations into becoming someone or achieving something comes from a challenge within one self that can be impacted by various occurrences in real life. Though aspiring to take medicine, I enjoy reading history at my free time. Medicine is rarely flocked hence has the opportunities no wonder my reason for it. However, I encountered a changing point in my life that gave me the zeal to take medicine not only for the opportunities it creates but also changing the situation in the world as it would alter the life of one or two people.

As my habit of reading history ranging from politics to other racial issues affecting the world, I came across a report about a hurricane that hit New Orleans, Louisiana back in the year 2004. The hurricane carried away many lives due to the ignorance of Governor Katrina. The hazard was political hence the neglecting of the black community that had occupied the town in large numbers. Why should be neglected due to selfish interests or rather politics? The mission statement of the institution is moreover geared towards the promotion of ethics. its non-profit nature proves that the college is really committed to the development of competent osteopathy physicians as opposed to solely making money.

In regards to the mission of the institution, I at this moment express my wish to join the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a result, I will be in apposition to serve the community regardless of the background in light of the fact that the Constitution guarantees any civilian access to medical care.

Why do you believe CCOM would provide you with the type of osteopathic medical education you are seeking? In the current world, there is the need to acquire skills as well as the knowledge of operating a medical care system that works towards promoting the immune regime of the body. Besides the system should be in a position to heal the patients. The skills, in turn, help me in the process of identifying the differences between allopathic and osteopathic medical practice using mere observations. Throughout my interest in pursuing medicine, I have come to realize that adopting the approach of osteopathic medicine is way more friendly hence some patients prefer it in light of the fact that they find it comforting hence prompting them to seek medical advice continually.

The mission statement of the institution is moreover in line with my personal beliefs concerning proper education. This is because the osteopathic education I seek needs to incorporate ethics. This would be instrumental in integrating compassion into my practice as an osteopathic physician. Moreover, I trust that the institution will impact core clinical competencies in me to give me a competitive edge upon completion of my formal education from the school. The institution also presents the chance to practice osteopathy at its MWU multi-specialty clinic where I will gain hands-on experience in the field.

The type of osteopathy instruction I seek is one that respects change in the practice and the university offers the opportunity to acquire the skill to change with the industry since it offers education on how to be a lifelong learner. In addition to that, the institution promises to help its students to perform research and scholarly activities that would be achieved through the elective courses that they provide. The institution also sponsors and provides service learning activities that would be helpful in applying class instruction among school clubs.

I also believe that the mission statement of the school promises a wholesome education experience that takes into consideration the aftermath of formal learning. This is through introduction to the osteopathic post graduate program that encourages further learning, preparation for residency where one can learn what to expect when starting to practice osteopathy as a physician and other career development programs.

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