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Should gay people be accepted in society?

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There are many arguments to whether gay people should or should not be accepted in society. By giving a balanced argument on this topic, I hope to inform and raise your awareness of the treatment gay people suffer and why they endure such sufferance.

As many people know, homosexuality refers to the sexual preference of one’s own sex. From fashion designers to singers, nearly everywhere the public eye turns today they are sure to see a gay person. It may be your next-door neighbour or celebrities such as Elton John performing on the television!At different times and in different cultures, homosexual behaviour has been approved of, tolerated, or banned.

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Should gay people be accepted in society?
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Many psychologists have regarded homosexuality as a hereditary condition, which as a result, forces the person to counter the norm of society.

Other people suggest that it is due to the lack of contact with the opposite sex for example in prisons, military camps, or boarding schools. Many believe this can be the cause of homosexual behaviour in individuals.

For many years in Western societies homosexuality was subject to social disapproval and legal punishment. Nowadays, however, it is more commonly argued that homosexuality should be regarded as an option of sexual behaviour.

However, the spread of Aids among male homosexuals has led, in some instances, to a resurgence of discrimination as the number of HIV cases come from those who are gay and sexually active. (Most cases for men).It is also a fact that if a gay person goes to apply for a job and the employer knows that they are gay; he or she is three times less likely to be employed. This fact explains why many employees choose to keep their sexuality a secret (not that it is anybody’s business anyway!) as they are aware that if their ‘identity’ is exposed, they are much more likely to receive insults and will be more prone to being discriminated.

Many people believe that homosexuality has only recently increased but the truth is that in Britain, many years ago, those who were found to be gay were seen to be ‘unnatural’ and were therefore killed. It is only recently that the laws have changed and gay people have ‘come out of their shell’ to confess their real sexuality.Just as most of us would like to eradicate issues such as racism and sexism, many of us should also think about how to tackle the problems that homosexuals face in modern day society. To abolish such inconveniences would be time consuming but it is possible! It is up to the younger generation of today’s society to learn to accept these innocent people for who they are and not what they do.

Homosexuals are no different to anybody else as they still value the same norms of society and try to function as everybody else in society!

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