My Personal Statement: Why I Want to Attend College

I’ve always been interested in politics, English, writing and sociology. On February 12, 2005 I wrote an essay implying on how I helped a third grader at Franklin elementary named Tiara Johnson learn how to read. The Boards of Directors at Redlands University were very fascinated in the amount of research, descriptiveness and dedication that was effective and evident in the essay Mrs. Davis-Schultz read.

On June 7, 2007 at Redlands high school the Board of Directors awarded me a scholarship, The Power to Continue Learning Scholarship, during my time at Redlands high school an outside activities, I was involved in Compact Careers club, Christian Club, Anime club, Fashion club, National Society of High School Students and Who’s Whose Among American High School Scholars. On the weekends I would volunteer for the semiannual run through Redlands bicycle race my task was to be a race Marshall. The run through Redlands bicycle race is an event held every year on Redlands Boulevard and Citrus Avenue. He bicyclist from around the world race with team’s competiting for trophies, the teams are caterogorized by the sponsoring programs, such as cancer society, Pepsi.

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I also volunteered are Redlands community hospital. My tasks included, checking medical records, filing documents and maintenance. I scheduled a total of forty hours maximum to volunteer. I enjoy volunteering its something that allows me to express my gratitude towards other who lack being hardworking, dedicated, and consistent In high school, I had an excellent attendance record, never missed a day of school, education is too important to disregard. I also took an introduction to using the Internet my freshman year in high school. The class was taught by Mr. Haugh, he was also the football coach his class strengthened my typing skills, my typing was fifteen words per minute, and now I type eighty words per minute.

I really enjoyed the class; it’s going to be useful one day, when I work at a firm behind a desk. I’m fascinated an enthusausiatic in political science in college, I plan on majoring in political science, and minor in sociology. My career objective is to attend college for four years to earn a bachelors degree in political science, then afterwards, I’m going to Harvard university school of law for three years to earn a jurist doctor degree in family law. On august 3, 2005 I read a wide selection of books at Redlands high school in my English class. The liberalism by J.D. Manning, Socialism by Bruno Leone, women and revolution by Lydia sergeant.

My English teacher Mr., newbold, assigned a three page written report about a political topic, abortion which involved a man named will Davidson, he argued rigorously contemplating his morals and principles stating abortion is morally right, he quoted ” it’s a woman’s ideology of establishing what’s considered unrelenting towards her view point. On November 15, 2006 I argued against his political viewpoint about abortion. I believed abortion was morally wrong. I frequently researched on theories and facts to support my essay I received an at on my exposing abortion essay. The amount of research introduced a practise basic fundamental understanding of my argument. I often became flustered finding his logical reasoning quite ceased.

My argument clearly stated that abortion is wrong, justifying by all means, that two people expose their nude and being sexually active and they decide their not ready to become parents, or the mother gets impregnated deciding her alternative which would be abortion, but if she was passionate then she wouldn’t have placed herself in that predicament by getting pregnant, she could of reconsidered remaining abstinent I titled my essay exposing abortion. I have found particularly my passion, to argue my point across. I’m persistent improving my facts to be true, its something continuous, the perseverance I obtain is evident in my analytical skills I possess, along with my logical reasoning, which has prepared me to defend my political view points in politics. In high school, I often spent most of my spare time in the career center attentively working.

However, I expect a lot in life, especially towards my academic success, On October 20, 2006 my friend wanted me to attend a homecoming event, I promised my friend Ingris, I would consider going, but later that day I had a massive amount of homework. I ended up in the career enter working on assignments, she became upset at me but I didn’t care. I’m motivated in academic success rather than hanging out and socializing. I’m one of the few or least among my family members considering on attending college. I’m characterizing myself as dedicated, hardworking, positive, detail oriented in fact school is what makes me the way I am, it’s a passion that I appreciate.

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