A Personal Goal to Pursue a Career in the Industry of Finance

As I grow older, I’ve realized that I want to direct my passion towards the industry of Finance and ensuring that other young African American people are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully manage their finances and prepare for retirement. Ultimately, this is why I want to receive my MBA. I want to receive my MBA so that I can be fully prepared to compete in this financial industry and ultimately get a job at a top corporation that will provide me with the experience and connections to start my own business in the future.

After receiving my MBA I plan to work for a major Assets Management company. I plan to spend several years learning, mastering, growing, and excelling in the field of assets management. After I have worked my way up the corporate ladder, gained a tremendous amount of experience, and enhanced my entrepreneurial skills, I plan to start my own Assets Management Consulting business. My business will focus on teaching minorities how to manage their money and assets. It will inform them on different types of investments and prepare them for a solid retirement.

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In researching my chosen career path, I have uncovered that I am at a greater advantage with a MBA degree. Receiving my MBA will give me a competitive edge on other job applicants and will allow me to acquire additional knowledge on business. I believe that the rigorous training, the assignments, reports, presentations and group projects given will enable me to use my skills in handling business situations similar to what takes place in real life. 

The development of these abilities will promote expertise and enhance leadership in my field. I have also spoken to former MBA program participants, who have shared tips as well as their experience while pursuing an MBA. In addition I have attended MBA program forums, where I spoke with representatives from each of the top ten business schools. In conclusion, my research and work experiences support the next step of pursuing my MBA.

This is why I want to be apart of MLT class of 2013. MLT offers training and resources that will provide me with what I need to get into one of the top renown business schools, and will prepare me to be hired by one of MLT’s 40 partnership leading corporations. MLT will define my career path by offering disciplined, guidance for the difficult business school application process, as well as gives me the opportunity to network and build meaningful relationships with business schools and corporations. I am confident that MLT will play a vital role in the success of my goals of getting into the MBA program of my choice.

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