Career Goal for Neurodiagnostic Technologist

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Medicine can be a beautiful thing or can be completely frightful. The career I chose is a neurodiagnostic technologist. I chose this line of medicine because of our interesting brain and how fascinating it is. There is a show called Greys Anatomy and, in the show, there is a doctor named Derek Sheperd. He is the head of neurosurgery at the hospital where he works. One of my goals is to experience it in real life and see how amazing it is to be a part of that line of medicine.

The technologists conduct electroneurodiagnostics or END tests such as electroencephalogram which is a test or record of a brain activity produced by electroencephalography. Another test they can do is called polysomnograms or also called a sleep study. This sleep study is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. The typical job duties could be to check patient condition during treatments, train medical providers or to conduct research to increase knowledge about medical issues. Another thing that they do if they explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.

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The educational requirements are just to have an associate degree and complete a neurodiagnostic technologist certificate program. On my smarter measure test results, I would need to work on for my future job would be time. I am terrible at keeping up with time, I usually focus on what I am doing at that time and then check the time and it took up a lot of time. On my results, it is telling me that I have several other commitments that require some personal time. I am going to start working on how I manage my time and personal weekly duties and my college studies.

To be a neurodiagnostic technologist there are some knowledge skills and abilities that are needed. You need to be reliable, responsible and dependable. Another thing is to be extremely careful about details in finishing our work tasks. Also, you will have to be checking patients to make improvements or act fast. You need to read and write well when doing notes. You must listen to either your patients or other doctors without interrupting them. Another important skill in this job is you need to be sensitive to other’s needs, feelings and be understanding.

The salary range according to the website CareerOneStop in the state of Texas yearly is 39, 180. The job outlook for being a neurodiagnostic is very bright. The website mayo clinic projected between 2016-2026 will be at about 19%. There will always be high demand when it comes to the field of medicine. People who want to be part of this line will have to put their heart, mind and focus on that goal they have set.

There are some advantages to be a neurodiagnostic technologist. At work, everything is hands-on and it is working indoors. It is always about teamwork and communicating well with others. A disadvantage could be that this line of medicine requires an extensive amount of thinking. The main important thing is to think about how many lives you change every day.

Referring to my Do What You Are results I have a couple of personality strengths that match the career I chose. One of the personality strengths that I have is that I am responsible and steady. Another strength is that I am a good listener, you need to be good at then when you are a neurodiagnostic technologist, you will have to be listening to patients or doctors. I do believe that my family and cultural heritage influences my personality and strengths. The support from my family for the career I chose is very important to me. They will always tell me to achieve my dreams and go bigger. My family will always be there for me no matter what career I choose if I’m getting one step closer to what I want to achieve in life.

This career matches my interests because the brain to me is very interesting, and I want to find out more. By doing this research about being a neurodiagnostic technologist it gave me new insights. This job could be my next one or be a backup job in the future. In ten years, I see myself achieving things for my family and myself. I should be working at an excellent hospital enjoying what I’m doing, driving my dream car. I would also be living in the home that I made for my family in the countryside. I will be very proud of myself when I look back and see what I achieved.

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