A Project Based on the Significance of the Global Factors that shape the UK

Table of Content

Executive Summary

This undertaking is based on the significance of the planetary factors that form UK and national concern activities of both local and international concerns. They are guided by the Chaser’s Consulting Firm. This paper focuses chiefly on the European policies and the international trade among UK and local concern.

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The type of concern which Simms Traders Ltd is was discussed. It was referred to as being a Private Sector concern as it is driven by household members so no 1 exterior of that household boundary is allowed to purchase into the concern. The intent of such type of concern was discussed every bit good.

The stakeholders are what keeps the administration traveling so it is their duty to keep and maintain up with every stakeholders objective for the concern. The authorities is one of the chief stakeholders as they affect the legal being of the concern. The clients are of import every bit good as they give feedback to the service or merchandise offered. Schemes will hold to be employed in the meeting of each aims, so this was exhaustively discussed in the undertaking.

Valuable recommendations were made as to the necessary issues which were noticed or on what could be done to better farther public presentation of the concern particularly for its stakeholders.


I. Rationale:

The intent of this assignment is to carry on a research on the significance of the planetary factors that form UK and national concern activities to our client. This study will concentrate on the international trade between UK and local concerns and how the EU policies will impact concern activities.

II. Aims:

  • To measure on the significance of international trade to UK and local concern administrations
  • To analyze the impact of planetary factors on UK and local concern administrations
  • To measure the impact of policies of the European Union and the impact on UK and local concern administrations
  • To do recommendations for public presentation of concern

III. Literature Review

Explained by ( MBA, 2013 ) “ A concern organisation can non be a vacuity. It needs living individuals, natural resources and topographic points and things to be. The amount of all these factors and forces is called the concern environment. ” For a concern to execute expeditiously it has to hold clients, providers, rivals, the authorities, Bankss etc. These are all called the stakeholders of the concern. Who are stakeholders you may inquire, they are in a nutshell the individuals responsible for the input and end product of goods and services.

Definition stated by ( Education Portal, 2013 ) “ Astakeholderis any individual, organisation, societal group, or society at big that has a interest in the concern. Thus, stakeholders can be internal or external to the concern. “ A concern needs to maintain the best involvement of their stakeholders as it is one of their duties. Stakeholders have their assorted demands and outlook for the concern which makes it of import for a concern to understand their stakeholders. This will assist a concern to do stakeholders experience as they are portion of the concern and lend new thoughts.

Administrations besides have legal duties in which they need to be obstruct about in order to maintain the concern running. The authorities besides plays a of import function in the day-to-day activities of any administration. It ‘s the responsibility of the concern to maintain up to day of the month with the Torahs and ordinances set by the authorities. Stated by ( UKessays, 2014 ) “ If an administration does non follow in ethical behavior, they might non merely lose clients but they might even non even acquire employees who are willing to work for the administration. ”

IV. Methodology

The type of research conducted was a qualitative research. This type of research is where information is collected from legion beginnings by observation and analysed or interpreted. Secondary beginnings such as cyberspace books or articles were used to roll up informations.

Secondary beginnings used were internet and articles. The benefit of secondary informations has stated by ( Crossman, 2014 ) is that “Someone else has already collected the information, so the research worker does non hold to give money, clip, energy, and other resources to this stage of research. ” Information is ever available on a broad graduated table through cyberspace, books etc so it ‘s a batch easier and accessible for the research worker.

The usage of secondary beginnings are more utile as person’s portion their cognition so it’s easier to acquire information via cyberspace every bit good as for administrations who update their web sites daily with valuable information.

The restrictions were non much as information was rather accessible due to the beginning in which was used.

Chaser’s Consulting Firm

Chaser’s Consulting Firm was founded in 1990. We are located at 12 St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5. We have two other subdivisions located in Spanish Town and Montego Bay. We have 23 employees dwelling of our confer withing agents, HRM, Accountant and the director. Chaser’s house analyses bing and start-up concerns, creates solutions to jobs and helps little concerns to develop efficient programs for run intoing their ends.

Our house analyses bing and starts up concerns, creates solution to jobs and assist little concern to develop a program to run into their specified ends. The experience and cognition of our well-trained staff helps our clients to better public presentation, comply with complex ordinances and present measureable, sustainable consequences to the growing of their concern. Our clients ‘ demands are ever our figure one precedence.

Vision Statement: To be the most well-thought-of house and figure one in client satisfaction across Jamaica.

Mission: To present great client satisfaction by supplying the highest quality service that helps in turn toing our client’s concern issues.

Context Background

Simms Traders Ltd.

Simms Traders Ltd is a household concern which was founded in the twelvemonth 2000. We are located at 36 Spanish Town Road. We besides have two smaller subdivisions which are located in Kingston and Montego Bay. We presently employ 8 individuals working at each subdivision. We offer rank cards to clients who are frequent shoppers based on our database system.

Our employees are good trained to present first-class client service to our clients to maintain them happy and our concern running. We sell merchandises of every sort and trade name for the satisfactions of our clients.

Our primary aim is to present systematically the highest quality client service to fulfill the demands of our client.

Our mission is to go on conveying to our clients the best of the place contraptions and commercial nutrient services, at the most low-cost monetary values available, maintaining our mixtures fresh and updated, so their experience with us is ever durable.


4.1 Discuss the significance of international trade to UK and local concern administrations

Stated by ( Dudovskiy, 2013 ) “ International trade is the exchange of capital, merchandises and services across boundary lines. ” Countries from different boundary lines now have the chance to pass on and co-ordinate concern of goods and services. The development of engineering has played a critical function in the formation of international trade. The impact of this on both UK concern and local concern can be shown in different countries of the economic system.

Administrations who use the international trade as a batch of advantage. International trade creates market chances for concern. Merchandises which are produced locally can now be in the range of consumers from different parts. Stated by ( ) “ For a market chance to be, a company must be able to place its possible clients are, the specific needs to run into, the size of the market and is capacity to capture market portion. ”

International besides increase competition amongst states particularly most monopoly concern who have small or no competition. Most times some states may experience that they are confronting unjust competition so Protectionism it put in topographic point to command just trade. Defined by ( Riley, 2012 ) “ Protectionism represents any effort to enforce limitations on trade in goods and services. The purpose is to buffer domestic concerns and industries from abroad competition. ”

4.2 Analyse the impact of planetary factors on UK and local concern administrations

Stated ( Dudovskiy, 2013 ) “ Global forces impacting UK concerns include, but non limited to increasing graduated table of international trade, increasing degrees of multiculturalism in UK administrations, increasing degrees of inter-dependency of national economic systems and others. ” The impact of planetary factors on UK concern can be analysed in a PESTLE analysis.

Political:This has to make with alterations in authorities policies has it has a great influence on the operation of concern activities. The policies which is placed on goods to forestall unjust protection such as duties between different UK states ( see diagram in appendix ) .

Economic:These factors involve the alterations which happen within the economic system based on authorities alteration in policy and the pecuniary and financial policy. Stated by ( Essay UK, 2014 ) “ A rise in life criterions would finally connote an addition in demand for merchandises thereby, supplying greater chances for concerns to do net incomes. ”

Sociable:These factors focuses on the alterations in societal factors of the economic system. Business analyse the market based on the age, gender, lifestyle etc of their consumers in order to cognize the type of merchandise to set out on the market. Stated by ( Essays UK, 2013 ) “ In a planetary environment it is of import that concern schemes are designed maintaining in head the societal and cultural differences that vary from state to state. Consumer faith, linguistic communication, lifestyle forms are all of import information for successful concern direction. ”

Technological:Availability and developments in engineering play an of import portion in concerns making a planetary concern scheme. With engineering addition concern can make new merchandises and develop new schemes to increase production. State by ( Essays UK, 2013 ) “ Technology helps concern to derive competitory advantage, and is a major driver of globalisation. ”

Legal:These factors influences concern schemes has it has to make with the legal ordinances and Torahs of the authorities. Business demand to be up to day of the month with authorities policies to run concern operations swimmingly.

4.3 Evaluate the impact of policies of the European Union and the impact on UK and local concern administrations.

Within the European Union there are some regulations and ordinances which needs to be followed by member states in order to run concern activities successfully. These policies are: Employment policy, Regional policy, Inflation policy, Education and preparation policy, Taxation policy and International policy.

Employment policy:the authorities is ever making what they can to halt unemployment. They have came up with a programme call the New Deal to assist individuals who are unemployed to acquire the chance of developing preparation and gaining experience through their different programmes. The authorities besides encourages UK concerns to be more competitory within the international market and this besides helps to make new occupations as more concern chance will develop.

Inflation Policy:Explained by ( Business Case Studies, 2014 ) “ The authorities seeks to do certain that there are no sudden general rises in monetary values. They do this through the Monetary Policy Committee ( MPC ) of the Bank of England which sets involvement rates. ” The involvement rates are put in topographic point when individuals tend to get down adoption and disbursement excessively much. When involvement rates are increased less borrowing from Bankss will take topographic point and less disbursement by consumers will take topographic point, therefore forcing down monetary values.

Tax policy: Taxs collected from concern and consumers can in turn aid to better substructures or aid concern with undertakings in which they are caring out to better the support of communities.


Based on the information gathered by Chaser ‘s Consulting Firm there are several recommendations which can be implemented by Simms Traders Ltd.

  • To analyze the policies of the European Union in order to maintain concern on the legal side.
  • To seek to derive more competitory advantage by being a portion of the UK International Trade.
  • The director needs to implement some of the managerial attacks in some state of affairss which may originate within the organisation, play more of a director than a friend.
  • Implementing more schemes to better the quality of employees work public presentation, working as a squad is good in certain fortunes.
  • Involve employees in most of the organisational determinations as that will do employees experience as if their suggestions affair and they are more than merely a worker to the organisation.
  • Directors and leaders need to work manus in manus in guaranting that everybody plays their portion and productiveness is being increased.


Based on research done by Chaser Consulting Firm they were able to measure UK and European policies can impact concern activities and how international trade can help the development of UK and local concerns.

The information gathered should assist Simms Traders Ltd to better understand how international trade can assist their concern. The more they understand about the European policies and the international trade the better they can acquire in footings of going more competitory.

The International trade helps concerns in a batch of ways and besides helps them to derive more market chances etc. With every concern there are certain policies to be followed and the European Union provides these policies to every concern both local and international who are a portion of the international trade.

The confer withing house has found a few bugs within the concern and has recommended a few suggestions which will help in the development of Simms Traders Ltd.



  • The degree of planetary political stableness
  • The degree of bureaucratism in international personal businesss
  • The extent of freedom of media
  • Global trade control enterprises
  • Menace of international terrorist act
  • Duties between the UK and other states
  • Global right of first publication, patent and rational belongings differences


  • Impacts of escalating economic globalisation
  • Global economic crisis
  • Sock market fluctuations
  • Cost advantages possessed by emerging world powers such as China, India etc.
  • Impact of The World Bank and The World Trade Organization
  • Increasing importance of outsourcing and offshoring enterprises


  • Changes in household values in planetary graduated table
  • Changes in household forms ( same-sex matrimonies, individual parents etc. )
  • Increasing popularity of in-migration and migration patterns
  • Increasing mobility between societal categories
  • Greater concern for minorities in society


  • Degree of planetary technological substructure
  • Industry-specific technological discoveries
  • Regular outgrowth of advanced communicating engineerings
  • Adoption of engineering as competitory border by increasing Numberss of concerns


  • Impacts of planetary heating inclinations
  • Increasing degrees of air and pollution
  • Increasing degree of sensitiveness towards “green” jobs among concern stakeholders
  • Activities and enterprises of planetary environmental administrations


  • Laws and ordinances related to informations protection
  • Global information protection regulations and ordinances
  • Increasing degrees of “legal globalisation”
  • Changes in cross-country employment and wellness and safety Torahs


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