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A Student’s Comments on Habitat for Humanity Websites

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  • Pages 2
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    A Student’s Comments on Habitat for Humanity Websites While sitting in my dorm room watching a DVD, I looked around and suddenly realized how lucky I was. I lived in a decent sized room with lighting and air conditioning that I could adjust to make myself comfortable. Then I thought how even more lucky I was to be able to go home too yet a nicer living facility at my own house that I have to share with nobody but my immediate family. It made me begin to wonder how many people there are that do not possess this luxury. That is when I thought of Habitat for Humanity. The only thing that I knew about it was that they built homes for underprivileged families with inadequate shelter. I wanted to see though exactly how this specific organization made a difference in peoples lives. Hopefully my research will enlighten my readers of the living situations of many families around the world, maybe even convincing some to volunteer themselves. Habitat for Humanity is a nondenominational and nonprofit Christian organization(Habitat for Humanity International). It is involved in the manufacturing and building of houses for those in need of an adequate shelter. Habitat for Humanity was established in 1976 and since, has built more than 150,000 attainable, sturdy houses in over 89 different countries(Habitat for Humanity International). This is a very impressive statistic considering all the political and economic issues that are going on in today’s world. No matter where the home is being built across the globe there are three factors that give those in need access to an affordable home like these(Habitat for Humanity International). The website states that the first attribute of a successful and complete home is that homeowners are able to buy their new house at no profit with no interest charged on the mortgage. Secondly, it states that there are trained professionals there to supervise the volunteers and homeowners in building each home. Finally, financial support is provided to the organization by individuals, corporations, faith groups, and others. These three elements contribute equally to the success of Habitat for Humanity (Habitat for Humanity International). Habitat for Humanity has branches that are building right now in towns, cities, and countries all across the earth.

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