A Summary and Portfolio Analysis of Stock Market Investment

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An investor tends to come up with various pools of investment to the market intending to maximize bid share and with an aim of upholding the invested amount in the stock market which is generally advocated in the principle of low risks which should lead to high yields. As much as long term investment is concerned, various factors such as types of assets in the portfolio and the management policy, by way of measuring both investor’s long and short term investment goals whereby they should come to fulfillment before closure of the intended period which makes easy to have 10 stocks for a given time. In order to attain an optimal asset allocation for portfolio, the investor should be aware of the market risks likely to encounter. The investor should however come up with the most efficient and risk tolerance portfolio goals. Some of the reasons which fostered the kind of market are as outlined.

Transaction Summary

It clearly lists all the financial activities which occurred in the account in a systematic way. The total investable principle and the additional amount which can be invested can easily be channeled to the market. This has however sieved un important financial transaction which leaves the investor with the net market transactions which includes market buy, market sell, earned dividends and short proceeds. This report allows the investor to filter different transactions by date of occurrence and the date of transaction.

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Portfolio Summary

This summary shows the both cash inflow and outflows, purchases and sales, and, cash distributions which make it easy for the investors to at any particular to access the financial position of the investment firm. The summary also outlines all activities and performance in a specified duration, this summary is reached out by use of all transactions that occurred during the specified period of time ie weekly, after two weeks etc. The investor can have a view on the look of the portfolio in between the selected time duration. The summary includes: value summary section, cash distributions and purchases section, period Returns section, and the portfolios and transaction bit of it. This approach guides on the starting market value (recorded at end of a starting date, ending market value (recorded at the close of ending date) and the portfolio net change. This makes it easy to come up with a financial and a defined market report and trade completion.

The Gain/Loss Summary

The investor can easily get to know how the investment has performed in duration of specified period in terms profit or loss. This guides the investment scheme in making decisions for future investments and shows if the investor minimized costs to maximize returns. Every purchase in this case is matched with the sell transaction and a display of either there is a loss/gain. This information leads to the Back-In-Time-Report.

Performance Study

This approach analyses the aggregate performance of an investor in the market to other major investors. The trade however reflects the intended purpose, indicating whether the investor is 3in line with the set objectives or not, showing how the investor has failed to meet the core obligation which is maximum returns. True diversification of assets to market exposure is reached out, which advocates for low costly assets and low investment costs.

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