Recent Drops in the Stock Market Essay

Recently, the stock market has been very unstable. After a period of extremely good

business and market highs, it seems we are experiencing just the opposite. The market has

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Recent Drops in the Stock Market
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become increasingly unsure and risky, even with well known companies.

I believe the shift in the stock market is based partly with the oil crisis caused by

OPEC and partly with constant bad reports presented by companies. Maybe if assessment

firms gave good reports more often than bad ones, the market would go up.

The market is

such a roller coaster now that it is virtually impossible to predict even the most

trustworthy stocks like Wal-Mart or Yahoo!.

For instance, the technology company Sony, which just released a new video game

system, has dropped like a rock on the market. In three days, their stock dropped over six

points. Considering they have a brand new, highly recommended gaming system, shouldn’t

their stock be going up? They claim to have under-shipped, but what kind of excuse is

that? The public knows that a large and powerful company like Sony has the resources to

ship however many products are needed.

Most importantly, though, is the Mideast Oil Crisis. OPEC is screwing up our

nations economy on purpose! Yet, we let them do whatever they want with their oil. We

should be tapping our own resources, to help ourselves and our market. Without power,

how can the stock market, or even the entire economy, function properly at all? All the

extra revenue from gas prices either goes to the government or to Mideast countries.Private companies do not benefit and therefore our economy drops.In closing, I believe our national market should always be on the rise. This would

show that we, indeed, have a well-functioning society. However, we continually stand by

and allow domestic and foreign governments to control our economy.

“Nasdaq’s loss third biggest” Beaumont Enterprise
27 Sept. 2000
“Nasdaq reaches record low”Beaumont Enterprise
29 Sept. 2000

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