A Thousand Splendid Suns: Aspects of Afghanistan

Khaled Hosseini is the author of the novel, “A Thousand Splendid Suns - A Thousand Splendid Suns: Aspects of Afghanistan introduction. ” This novel shows many aspects of Afghanistan as a whole and the way men, women, and children go about their lives everyday. Hosseini gives a good overview of Afghanistan through the 1970’s to present. In this book, there are many examples of governmental corruption, an underdeveloped economy, and especially women’s rights. Most of Afghanistan is overwhelmed in poverty. Many people live in dirt floored huts and have very limited resources.

Only the rich in this country have all of the westernized luxuries available to them such as cars, well built homes, servants, etc. The main character in this novel is Mariam, a girl who has suffered from a life of poverty and has experienced the worst abasement of her human rights. Women in Afghanistan had it the worst. They were married off to people whom they never met, abused for unworthy reasons, and kept as a form of a slave. Most women were treated like this and expected to shop for food, cook, clean, have sex and bear children.

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An example of this is when Mariam is forced to chew on rocks, breaking her teeth because of the six miscarriages she had trying to have Rasheed’s baby, and because the food she cooked for Rasheed was apparently unappetizing. The United States policy towards Afghanistan is flawed in many ways. The US is trying too hard to win the war against Al-Qaeda that they are indeed not paying enough attention to the little things happening in Afghanistan. The way many people (mostly women) are being treated by the Taliban and the surrounding community is atrocious.

US policy right now is to help Afghanistan create a new constitution and democratic government, while they should also take action on enforcing human and female rights thought the country, even though many Afghanis will say that it is all part of their culture. Violence in Afghanistan has also been very high since the early 1990’s. An example of this from Hosseini’s novel is when Laila is forced to dropout of school because the streets were no longer safe and people were being killed by bombings, including Laila’s good friend, Giti.

A night time curfew should be put into place in all of the places in Afghanistan where there are US troops. This would allow the US troops to scan any area for possible treats including suspicious activity and bombs. Another way to go about the violence in Afghanistan is to train a larger police force to patrol a large area with extreme caution for any kind of threat to the civilian community. A large number of US troops could also potentially help dramatically. The human rights and safety of the innocent Afghani people should be protected not overlooked.

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