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Jonathan Swift and Herman Melville

A Modest Proposal



Words: 1397 (6 pages)

A comparison of the major changes in American enterprise indicated in the writings of Jonathan Swift (pre-20th Century) and Herman Melville (20th Century). The authors of the selected works, Jonathan Swift’s essay «A Modest Proposal» and Herman Melville’s «Case: Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street», the reader can imagine the poor working conditions…

Famous Satire by Jonathan Swift

A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

Words: 491 (2 pages)

“A Modest Proposal for Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland, from Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and For Making Them Beneficial to The Publick,” is a story by Jonathan Swift that portrays the struggles of the Irish community. Swift highlights the presence of numerous beggars and unsupervised children on the…

Swifts A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

Words: 1121 (5 pages)

Swifts Modest Proposal for the Preventing the Children of Poor People from being a burden to their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public is a satire of the English opinion of the Irish, barbarians. Though this is a satire, Swift has a good point about eating children. In the world…

A Modest Proposal: The Environment

A Modest Proposal


Words: 1054 (5 pages)

When I am alone in the dark of my room, ideas and possibilities cause a panic-like feeling that becomes evident on my sterile computer screen and in the furrow of my brow, affecting my troubled mind. When I turn on the light and shut down my computer, my troubled mood doesn’t go away; only the…

A Critical Analysis of ” a Modest Proposal”

A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

Words: 337 (2 pages)

Critical Analysis of “A Modest Proposal” John was simply observing what his country was like when he came up with this idea for the Kingdom to look at. He was just thinking about ways he could help his country and people on the wealthier side happy to. First, he thought that he would say how…

A Modest Proposal Ap Lang Sample

A Modest Proposal

Human migration

Words: 492 (2 pages)

It’s a sad predicament of those in other states trusting. wishing. seeking to acquire into the land of chance – The United States. Many end up immigrating illicitly. and conveying their immature kids with them. These kids. excessively immature to understand at the clip. and now stuck with being illegal. Belonging neither in their state…

A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis Sample

A Modest Proposal

Words: 301 (2 pages)

Jonathon Swifts’ “A Modest Proposal. ” which was written in 1729 describes the forlorn state of affairs of Ireland’s society under English regulation. Swift was a member of the Irish opinion category and a Protestant reverend. which should be an index to the reader on how balanced—in footings of bias—the proposal will be. In his…

A Not so Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

human communication


Words: 379 (2 pages)

In “A Modest Proposal” Jonathan Swift suggests a unique solution to the problem concerning poor children in Ireland. He suggests using the lands people like cattle, breeding them to eat their babies. He draws the readers in with kind words and a gentle tone, just to drop a crazy bomb on them. This essay will…

Research Analysis on “A Modest Proposal” by Heather Mallick

A Modest Proposal


Words: 1076 (5 pages)

The issue of protecting religious freedom and the controversy surrounding the face veil, known as the niqab, has been a long-standing topic of discussion. Many scholars and authors have shared their perspectives on this matter. In Heather Mallick’s essay “A Modest Proposal,” she discusses the negative consequences of wearing the niqab. However, I believe her…

A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis

A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

Words: 965 (4 pages)

Jonathan Swift uses satire in A Modest Proposal to critique his audience and convey his main point indirectly. Through the creation of a seemingly sympathetic character who aligns himself with both the poor and the upper class of Ireland, Swift undermines the reader’s trust in the speaker. This trust is shattered when the speaker unveils…

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author Jonathan Swift
genre Satirical essay
originally published 1729
description A Modest Proposal For preventing the Children of Poor People From being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and For making them Beneficial to the Publick, commonly referred to as A Modest Proposal, is a Juvenalian satirical essay written and published anonymously by Jonathan Swift in 1729.
setting In A Modest Proposal, the people are as much a part of the setting as the Irish countryside. The narrator's whole point is that you can't enjoy your trip if every inch is clogged with children. He wants the reader to imagine walking through the "great town" ( 1) of Dublin and being forced to confront poverty.,

Text: A Modest Proposal

Audience: It is pretty simple for any reader to make out that Swift’s intended audience was the upper-class who was at a literate stage unlike the poor at that time who were unable to make what Swift really wanted to express in his “proposal.”

Topics: Presented in the guise of an economic treatise, the essay proposes that the country ameliorate poverty in Ireland by butchering the children of the Irish poor and selling them as food to wealthy English landlords. Swift’s proposal is a savage comment on England’s legal and economic exploitation of Ireland.,

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WHAT IS A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift about?
“A Modest Proposal” is the shortened title of a 1729 essay by satirist Jonathan Swift in which he ironically proposes that the people of Ireland sell their children as food. ... The phrase a modest proposal is often used to suggest something in jest in order to point out a problem by pushing it to its logical extreme.
What is the main point of A Modest Proposal?
Presented in the guise of an economic treatise, the essay proposes that the country ameliorate poverty in Ireland by butchering the children of the Irish poor and selling them as food to wealthy English landlords.
What kind of essay is A Modest Proposal?
A Modest Proposal is a satiric essay by Jonathan Swift that was published in pamphlet form in the year 1729. The essay is considered as a masterpiece of satire with a blend of natural deliberation and an unthinkable conclusion. Its title has been able to symbolize a problem that can be solved with an outrageous cure.

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